FOR Abbyy Real-Time Recognition allows smartphones to recognize text on various subjects

Abbyy is the Abbyy technology Real-Time Recognition (RTR), which allows mobile devices to recognize the text on the labels, counters, car number, consignment notes, payment orders or other electronic devices.

The principle of operation of Abbyy Real-Time Recognition is demonstrated in the following video.

For work Abbyy Real-Time Recognition does not require a connection to the Internet, which reduces the risk of leakage of user information and increases the appeal for companies that set high standards for the security of personal data.

The developers kit ABBYY Real-Time Recognition SDK will allow developers to embed into their mobile products instant text recognition in the video stream from the documents or from the surfaces of various items. As noted by the staff, Abbyy, recognition in the video stream significantly reduces manual data entry.

FOR Abbyy Real-Time Recognition recognized text in 63 languages, it can be used, for example, in applications for travelers, translating menus, signs and signposts.



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