For 3D-card Radeon Vega Frontier Edition will receive support for a special game mode

As it became known, video card Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, which became available yesterday at a price of $ 1,000, received a special game mode.

In proprietary software will be able to activate Gaming mode. In this mode the driver is more optimized for games and be made available sections 5 and Chill Radeon Radeon WattMan 6.

In particular, this will allow game developers to immediately test their designs on the same PC without worrying about optimization or compatibility. For us it means that soon we should see the first tests of Radeon Vega Frontier Edition in games, and they will not be able to say that they are incorrect due to the use of professional adapter for other purposes.

Given that gaming Radeon RX Vega will have to wait at least another month, take a look at gaming Radeon Vega Frontier Edition will be very interesting.



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