FLIR introduced at CES 2017 five models of thermal imaging cameras

FLIR introduced at CES 2017 five models of thermal imaging cameras. Two of them belong to the third generation of FLIR ONE, connected to the smartphones. Dual cameras are designed for drones. And completes the list of new compact thermal imaging camera in HD versions.

Modules FLIR ONE is compatible with mobile devices running iOS and Android. Connectivity is provided by the OneFit connector, compatible with USB-C. the length of the connector is adjustable, allowing you to connect the device to your smartphone case. The FLIR ONE costs $200.

Thermal imager FLIR ONE Pro costing $400 manufacturer addresses professionals. This model offers improved image quality and additional features, including temperature measurement in several points.

Sale FLIR ONE and the FLIR ONE Pro should start in the current semester.

The FLIR Lepton thermal imager Duo augmented by the camera, shooting 1080p video in the visible range. Allows switching between cameras and simultaneous display of two images. Design Duo FLIR provides the possibility of mounting on different UAVs. The FLIR Duo costs $1000, the FLIR R Duo — $1300. The second is supplemented with the functions of precise temperature measurement, which makes it more suitable for commercial applications.

The FLIR Duo and Duo-R is already available for order.

Finally, the FLIR C3 is a handheld device in HD versions, which can be useful for those who are concerned with the construction and operation of buildings and utilities, and real estate developers. Televisiona camera is equipped with a three-inch touch screen. Support Wi-Fi allows you to transfer the image to the viewing screen of another device such as a tablet.

Sale FLIR C3 should begin in this quarter at a price of $700.

Source: FLIR Systems


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