Flexible wireless earphone Flex Samsung U Headphones provide up to 10 hours of battery life

Samsung introduced the U Flex headphones Headphones. This wireless headphone, the main feature of which is flexibility. On images and video you can see that in this case it is design, sometimes called the «necklace» or «collar».

Thanks to this performance, this model stands out better autonomy than the usual wireless headphones with the usual connecting cable. More specifically, Samsung promises 10 hours of work.

The device is really flexible. In addition, it is splashproof, has a technology event notification on the smartphone via vibration, and supports Scalable Codec. The latter is responsible for stable and continuous Bluetooth connection by analyzing the ambient noise and interference from Wi-Fi and a corresponding setting signal.

In addition, there is support for voice commands, but this feature need to be activated with a button. In contrast to the models of Motorola and some other headphones, the new Samsung does not listen to user itself.



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