Flash Sony HVL-F45RM supports remote control

Sony has announced sales of external flashes HVL-F45RM. Flash supports remote radio control, being compatible with controller FA-WRC1M and receiver FA-WRR1. It can act as trailing and leading. The communication range is 30 m. In comparison with the flashes controlled by the optical channel, FA-WRR1 gives more freedom in choosing the relative positions of camera and flash.

The product is designed for use with Sony cameras with E-mount, including full frame models. The flash’s guide number — 45. High power allows you to use the HVL-F45RM for shooting with reflected light and high-speed sync (HSS).

Head design provides lift at an angle of 150° and a tilt angle up to 8° vertically and 360° horizontally. The flash is protected from dust and moisture. Its dimensions are equal to 69.4 x 113,7 x 88,3 mm, weight 317 g (without batteries).

On one set of four alkaline batteries size AA flash HVL-F45RM can be triggered up to 210 times, recharging, depending on pulse power 0.1-2.5 s. When using NiMH batteries, the number of positives increased to 270, and the highest cooldown is reduced to 2.0 s. the Flash is equipped with led lamp for movies.

Sale Sony HVL-F45RM will begin in may at a price of $400.

Source: Sony



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