Flash Metz mecablitz M400 is equipped with OLED display and led lamp for video shooting

As promised in the beginning of the month, the company Metz unveiled the first flash of the new generation.

With dimensions of 65 x 92 x 87 mm model mecablitz M400, equipped with a OLED display, weighs 220 g. the Small size of the flash make it well suited for use with mirrorless cameras. The flash’s guide number equal to 40 (at ISO 100). Flash head summerhits, so that the angle that it lights, corresponds to the field angle of the lens is 24-105 mm. Cooking can be rotated by an angle of 360° and tilt angle up to 90°. In addition, there is a built-in reflector and diffuser. The latter provides a lighting angle corresponding to a lens with a focal length of 12 mm.

Flash M400 supports TTL mode with manual correction, including varieties for different cameras, manual control (selection of the 25 levels of pulse), high speed sync, synchronization front and rear curtain shutter mode fill-flash. Flash can be used as master and slave with wireless control. Power is provided by four AA batteries. Set of alkaline elements is enough for 340 positives. Provides the firmware upgrade by USB interface.

For shooting the M400 has built in led lamp that provides illumination of 100 Lux at a distance of 1 m. it is Possible step brightness adjustment (six levels).

Flash is available in versions for cameras Canon, Nikon, MFT (Olympus, Panasonic and Leica, Pentax, Sony and Fujifilm. About the price yet.

Source: Metz-mecatech


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