Flash drive Adata UC360 is equipped with connectors USB-A and micro-USB, and UC370 — connectors USB-A and USB-C

The range of the company Adata Technology has expanded flash drives UC360 and UC370, equipped with USB interface 3.1. They are available with capacity of 16, 32 and 64 GB.

Model UC360 got the USB-A and micro-USB. It is very compact and weighs only 3.8 g. For the ribbon, chain, or ring near the lid of the micro-USB connector is ear.

Model UC370 USB-A and USB-C also has a very small size and weighs less than UC360 is 3.7 g.

Her ear is doubled on the body and the connector cover.

Common features UC360 and UC370 are the metal housing and the use of technology COB (Chip On Board), which allowed to make the drives shock-resistant, protected from moisture and dust.

Source: Adata



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