Fitness bracelet Cubot S1 is equipped with a six-axis accelerometer

The company Lenovo introduced a fitness bracelet Cubot S1, equipped with a six-axis accelerometer, which allows to make measurements more precisely than the models with a triaxial accelerometer.

The device can automatically identify the type of physical activity (walking, running, Cycling, and so on), you’ll get accurate data about covered distance, calories and heart rate. By the way, Cubot S1 dynamically monitors your heart rate during the day, the data is displayed in the mobile app. If your heart rate goes outside the allowable limits, the bracelet will immediately notify you. Of course, this feature can be disabled to conserve.

Cubot S1 also tracks your sleep quality, as well as air temperature and atmospheric pressure, alerting the owner about the changes of the weather.

The bracelet allows you to remotely control the camera of the smartphone reminds you to get up and stretch throughout the day, notifies you of calls and messages.

In standby mode the device works up to 30 days, the battery capacity is 85 mAh, the OLED display has a diagonal of 0.96 inches.

Cubot S1 is a waterproof bracelet.



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