Fitbit will release their first smart watch in the autumn, while earlier it was going to do it in the spring

The range of Fitbit at the moment there is no single model of a full-fledged smart watches. There’s a Blaze model, but even the manufacturers call them a smart sports watch, so distantsiruyas them from competition with devices on Android Wear or Apple Watch.

At the end of last year, Fitbit bought a Pebble because of patents and technologies, mainly related to the operating system. It was clearly made with the purpose of using those to create your own smart watches.

According to the source, the first smart watch Fitbit had originally planned to release this spring. Now, however, the launch of the device has been postponed to autumn. The reason for the transfer lies in production problems. In particular, the final prototype did not work, the GPS module because of the wrong location of antennas.

Also still in question protection from water. As is known, this feature of Fitbit is generally bad, as most of the activity trackers for the protection of water have not.

According to preliminary data, the novelty will receive a Fitbit color display with a brightness of about 1000 CD/m2, module GPS, heart rate sensor, NFC for contactless payments and will stand out autonomy at the level of four days. Estimated cost — $ 300.

In addition, the source reports that Fitbit is working on a wireless headset similar to BeatsX.



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