Fitbit will not throw the Pebble watch owners in the lurch

As we know, Fitbit purchased a Pebble because of intellectual property and developers. Pebble, the company itself ceases to exist, and this means that owners of smart watches of this manufacturer would have to deal with the inoperability of certain functions due to power servers.

As reported in Fitbit still cared about the users, so that the situation will try to smooth as possible. First, Pebble SDK, the CloudPebble platform, tools, API, Timeline, application, developer portal and app store — all this is still in working condition. Developers can continue to create and update users, respectively, can use it.

Second, the former is already the Pebble developers will try to optimize the operating system kernel hours so as to minimize the dependence on online services and cloud platforms. Expect an update is in the coming months.

In General, for 2017, the Pebble watch users should not feel any major changes or restrictions. In the future, everything will depend on how developers will be able to change OS and make it more Autonomous.

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