Fitbit is interested only in developers and intellectual property Pebble

A few days ago in the Network appeared the information that the Fitbit is in the process of acquisition of Pebble. Then we suggested that such a deal could lead to the elimination of the brand Pebble.

Resource Bloomberg confirms that Fitbit is close to buying assets of a Pebble for less than $ 40 million. In this transaction, the Fitbit is more interested in the software (about 40% of the employees of the Pebble) and the intellectual property of Pebble. The remaining assets, including stocks products and server hardware will be sold separately.

It is also reported that deliveries of the Pebble 2 and Pebble Core will be canceled, and those who supported their campaign to raise funds will receive their money back. The offices of the Pebble after the transaction will be closed, but on the fate of the brand Pebble until finally nothing is resolved. There is a possibility that it still will.

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