Fitbit has started to cooperate with the company DexCom, involved in technologies for monitoring of blood sugar levels

The company Fitbit announced the beginning of cooperation with DexCom company specializing in technologies for monitoring of blood sugar levels.

The cooperation includes the development and sale of products that can help people with diabetes get a more complete picture of their overall health.

The first stage of cooperation implies the emergence of smart watches Fitbit Ionic application with the data the DexCom. That is, the DexCom customers can view their data directly on a new watch, Fitbit. In addition, customers DexCom will have access to the Fitbit Community platform that will allow them to «ask questions, seek support and share their successes in improving the state of their health».

All of this should be available to customers of the companies in the beginning of next year. What other projects provides for cooperation is unknown. But the company, which is the first to combine modern device segment wearable electronics with non-invasive blood glucose meter, will clearly get all the chances of success.



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