Fitbit has difficulty in creating their first smart watch

The company Fitbit lately are not going very well. The former leader of the market of wearable electronics at first lost the title to Apple, and then was displaced by Samsung in third place.

This is due to a significant decline in sales of Fitbit devices. Perhaps partly solve the problem the way the full smartwatch, however, that the company is not yet out.

In April we reported that the watch was supposed to appear in the spring, but the launch was postponed until the autumn. The new source reports that the fall run was under threat. The group working hours, left several people. In addition, Fitbit problems with filling the app store for a new device. In particular, broke the partnership with Spotify.

Also his skepticism was expressed by the Evernote developer, who was involved in creating the version of the software for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. He said he was more focused on the «big boys» like Apple and Samsung, and been striving to create for Fitbit might think, if there was a «compelling» device and larger user base.



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