Fitbit buys another manufacturer of smart watches

At the end of last year, Fitbit has acquired Pebble less than $ 40 million. The leader of the market of wearable electronics was interested in a patent Pebble and development in the field of OS for smart watches.

We now know that Fitbit has decided to acquire another company engaged in this direction. This time the goal was Vector Watch appeared on the market just two years ago with models Luna and Meridian. The transaction value was not declared.

As in the case of Pebble, Fitbit, interested only in the development of Vector Watch and it professionals. Therefore, the brand was saved out of the question. Moreover, watches Vector stand out among the many that are equipped with E Ink screen and boasts a battery life of about 30 days. Recall that the Pebble watch is stand out approximately the same.

Vector Watch notes that the owners hours can continue to use devices without restrictions. Also you can have warranty service and technical support. Moreover, users can even continue to offer their own versions of the dials, and the developers have the ability to edit the available applications. But the new will not appear.



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