Fitbit are unable to negotiate the purchase of the company Jawbone, and the latter now has a chance for revival

As you know, the Jawbone in 2015, three times has filed a lawsuit against Fitbit. The court found the latter innocent, but the Jawbone had intended to appeal. Fitbit then filed its lawsuit in late 2016 withdrew.

The reason the company highlighted the fact that the Jawbone is no longer a danger as a competitor. Indeed, the last lot of problems, and it has long since disappeared from the list of leaders of the market of wearable electronics.

However, new data indicate that the Jawbone is still fighting for his life. The source alleges that Fitbit had intended to buy a competitor, but the negotiations came to nothing lead, because the suggested amount was «tiny». Now Jawbone is trying to find means to normalize their situation. In particular, it refers to some sort of an undisclosed investor willing to invest in the company.

Without proper amount of data on the situation of the Jawbone and appropriate knowledge it is difficult to assume about the possibility of revival of the company, but this would be interesting.

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