Fitbit acquired Pebble. Latest completely ceases to exist

Source information was correct. Fitbit really acquired a Pebble, and as reported on its official website.

To be precise, Fitbit, bought certain assets of Pebble, including the part of staff and intellectual property related to software and its development. Assets relating to the hardware component of the Pebble watch, the market leader of wearable electronics for quite understandable reasons, are not interested.

The assets of the Pebble will allow Fitbit to be more active in the market of smart watches, on which she currently is not represented. Pebble is well established as a developer of a software platform for such devices as the Fitbit just needed something like this and not a more serious operating system like Android Wear.

The deal reportedly was finalized the day before yesterday. In the press release data about its amount, but all sources agree that it is less than $ 40 million.

On the Pebble website you can find the press release, which said that Pebble can’t work as an independent legal entity. Company is closed and, accordingly, the device manufacturing discontinued. Supported latest campaign Pebble, a platform KickStarter, will get the refund within 4-8 weeks.

Unfortunately, the story of the Pebble, in fact, which originated the smartwatch market ends. What went wrong, hard to say. Despite a successful campaign to raise funds in all cases, Pebble, apparently, has not coped with debt obligations.

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