First time after entering the market may experience a serious shortage of video cards Vega

As you know, AMD has promised to withdraw the video card Vega on the market before the end of the current quarter, i.e. before the end of June. New details about these boosters, we will open on may 16.

But, however successful was not the new AMD, the launch may be marred by a shortage of graphics cards.

According to the source, the first batch will consist of at least 16 000 3D maps that will need to «stretch» not a few months. Supposedly this is due to lack of memory HBM2, which is used by the device.

How many months will be shortage of cards, is unknown. Moreover, if this information proves true, expect in most markets close to the recommended price just not worth it, but the card Vega and so are quite expensive in view of its positioning.



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