First results testing the new AMD Raven Ridge

As you know, in the mobile segment in the second half of the year should appear AMD Raven Ridge, based on the architecture of Zen. Yet any clear information about them there, but the Network has already appeared the test engineering sample of this processor.

To begin, we note that the tests appeared (though was later removed) on the website of the company Zhaoxin, which is the developer of processors. For example, we recently learned that PC processors will appear Zhaoxin ZX-D. So the source in this case is very reliable.

Unfortunately, the picture with the diagram is very poor quality so little can break the code. A instance of Raven Ridge APU with four cores and support SMT, running at unknown frequency, scored in the test Fritz Chess 11 000 points. For comparison, desktop CPU Core i5-6600 ibid 11 gaining 333 points, meaning the results are almost comparable. Unfortunately, the source provided only that test so fully judge the performance of the new APU AMD as of yet.

Also of interest is the result of a OCTA-core CPU Zhaoxin ZX-E, which is gaining in this test 10 500 points. Will be no less interesting to look at his full tests.



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