Firefighters of new York acquired drones

According to the source, the fire Department of new York began testing the drones, which should help to better assess the situation. For this purpose the apparatus is equipped with cameras working in the visible and infrared ranges.

Test fire three machine cost 85,000 dollars each. Unlike the drones used by enthusiasts, assistants to the fire fly on a leash. This removes the restriction on flight time and eliminates problems with poor reception of navigation signals in the urban landscape. Furthermore, the opportunities drones for maneuvering is limited, which reduces the requirements for operator skill. In fact, the drone rises to a height of 60 m, and hangs there as long as necessary, transferring the image on the monitor screen. The calculation consists of two people: the operator and observer for monitoring the status of the drone and the environment.

Note that most of the city is a zone closed for flights. The restriction applies to all, so every flight in the closed zones should be harmonized. Special fire agreement with the FAA allows you to do it in 15 minutes.

Source: NYT


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