Fingerprint sensors for mobile LG G6 put CrucialTec and Ssuntel

The publication of the Investor reports that suppliers of fingerprint sensors for smartphones LG G6 was the chosen company CrucialTec and Ssuntel.

CrucialTec has started to cooperate with the South Korean company last year, shipping fingerprint scanners, first for the LG G5, and then for LG V20. Ssuntel previously supplied LG touch panel for smartphone displays, and more recently between the companies have signed a new agreement on fingerprint sensors.

Last week, the company CrucialTec announced a solution to Display Fingerprint Solution (DFS), which will allow you to scan the fingerprints of users via a separate sensor on the back or the Home button, and the display of the mobile device. The first smartphones with the new technology to hit the market this year.

Smartphone LG G6, which uses a conventional fingerprint scanner, located on the rear panel, will go on sale in South Korea on March 10.



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