Finalizing a Wacom Bamboo Stylus that support protocols for Active ES Pen and Microsoft Pen

The Wacom pens use a proprietary Protocol Active ES Pen. This limits their compatibility with devices supporting pen input. The manufacturer intends to eliminate this drawback. He said that he had started the final stage of development Bamboo pen Stylus, which will support both protocols Active ES Pen and a Microsoft Pen.

A new feather was the first result of cooperation between Wacom and Microsoft, which became possible after the conclusion of these companies in March last year of the license agreement. Support for Active ES Pen and Microsoft Pen will make a new pen that will be promoted under the brand Wacom, suitable for a large number of mobile devices and a Windows-based PC. As is known, the orientation of the pen input most fully embodied in Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Source: Wacom



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