Files Go — the first available in the Play Store file Manager Google more like Apple product

Google quietly published in the Play Store its the first available for everyone file Manager for Android. Is Files Go.

However, later Google removed it from the online store, but it is probably connected with closed beta testing currently underway. Files Go — not the first file Manager Google, but the first that will be available to install in Play Store.

Want to try it right now, you can use the resource APKMirror. To install, you can use any smartphone running Android OS is not below 5.0. However, the Files Go many may not be suitable. The fact that it’s not really a full fledged file Manager. At least right now it is not possible to freely navigate through all the folders in the file system of the smartphone. Instead, there are different sections, both standard and relevant to user-created folders. And it’s very strange, because it’s more like Apple’s approach.



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