Features selection and tailoring for cats

Certainly, many believe that clothing should only be purchased for dogs. Actually it’s not, and there are many different options for cats. First of all it concerns short-haired and bald representatives. They freeze fairly quickly, so be sure to take care of their health. Rest will also need insulated clothing. After all, it will protect the animal from drafts and hypothermia, and is especially important to be after surgery and for nursing.

Rules of selection of clothes for cats

First and foremost it should be noted that the process of choosing clothes are highly individual. It is necessary to consider not only the attractiveness of a suit, but the breed characteristics and even the age of a pet. It is very important details, so pay attention to it.

Also, special attention should be paid to the selection of the material. It is best for clothing suitable natural fabric with a small admixture of artificial fibers. Thanks to their presence, the suits will be more durable. It is considered that the most appropriate option is cotton, viscose, flax and wool, as they are pleasant to the body. Also pay attention to fabrics. For example, if she burns in the sun, does the tendency to deform in the wash and more.

When selecting a fabric be sure to consider seasonality. For example, summer would be the best material with a high content of viscose and cotton. Because of this, the animal will be more comfortable. For the autumn-spring period are more suitable rainwear fabric and microfiber. Due to this, the clothing will protect the wool from getting wet.

For winter choose a winter fabric such as fleece, flannel, baize or plaschevka. You also need to take care of the insulation. The ideal option would be polyester. Such clothing will allow you to display the cat for a walk at any time.

But clothes should not be barbed, as this will interfere in the process of socks. The same applies to joints, they should not be too rough. It is best to make them flat. As for additional parts in the form of rivets, buttons, or lacing, it is recommended to place them on the back. Thus, they will not interfere with, and to wear a suit will be much easier.

Even if you’re sure you picked the right clothes, it is better to try the product on a cat. Because the only way we can understand how he can be comfortable. But if he is not accustomed to clothing since childhood, try to accurately take measurements. About how to do it properly, you can find below.

Clothing for the cat with your hands

If the selection at the pet store you are not happy or the price seems too high, you can try to make clothes for your pet yourself.

First you need to buy a suitable fabric. It should be as pleasant to the touch and have no foreign smell. For example, for sewing of t-shirts or t-shirts is better to buy plain knit. To create insulated clothing suit coat. As for mating, it is in any case should not be too thick and heavy, as this will restrict movement.

Regardless of whether you make clothes yourself or buy, you should take measurements. This is done only in the standing position of the cat.

The first is to determine the circumference of neck, length of back, and chest, of the abdomen. Also measure the distance between the legs and the girth of each foot. If the clothing involves a longer sleeve, you should measure the length of the legs. To make any hood, measure the circumference of your head.


The next step is the creation of patterns. There is no universal pattern that can be adapted to any variant of clothes for the cat. For example, for sewing of overalls should be noted on it the existence of a zipper or Velcro.

To create t-shirts will need to sew sleeves. A jacket for the winter season should be done with the hood, so be sure raschertite this detail in the pattern.

When the pattern is ready, place it on the fabric and be sure to secure with pins. Cut around it with a pencil, chalk or a piece of soap. Cut out every detail you need with the seam allowance.

Connect part using a sewing machine or by hand, but the seams in any case should be soft. This is necessary in order not to cause discomfort to the animal. Also finish the edges and sew to the product buttons or Velcro.

Despite the fact that the pattern is universal, it is important to consider the characteristics of each animal. Therefore, we recommend you to try to make the outfit a simple, unnecessary fabric and try. This way you will be able to make the necessary adjustments and sew perfect clothes for your cat.

Those who do not like to sew, offer to try to make knitted clothes. It is becoming more popular in recent years as wear it much more convenient. Besides, this option is perfect not only for winter season but also for fall and spring.

To create a cute knitted sweater will need pattern and also soft, natural yarns and knitting needles. Take seriously the choice of yarn, as it should be as soft and enjoyable. Therefore it is best to look for children’s collections. For example, Merino wool combined with acrylic is a great option.

As for patterns, then use the photo option, or add additional details. Knit is best to start from the back and finish product need a rubber band, so the clothes will be very comfortable. If you want you can do additional decoration in the form of embroidery. This is the best option as the cat will try to remove it.

Clothing for the cat really you may need in a variety of situations. This is especially true of walks in the cold season or during the period of feeding kittens. Therefore it is better to plan well in advance and make suitable options for their Pets.

And you buy clothes for animals, or you prefer to do with their hands?

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