Features iPhone 8 still not approved, the beginning of sales can be postponed to November

Korean suppliers of components for the iPhone 8 claim that they have begun shipment of the relevant details for the device in late August.

Information provided by an anonymous employee of the company, which usually begins to ship components for the new iPhone. The source hinted that the start of sales of the first Apple smartphone with OLED display may be postponed to November.

«Apple still has not specified a final volume of deliveries, because the company continued to negotiate the final characteristics even last week,» added the informant.

We will remind, the other day Apple sent out the invitation, stating that the announcement of new devices the company will be held on September 12.

Another source believes that even if the iPhone 8 will release in September, the launch party will be miserable, and to find the device in the free sale will be almost impossible.



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