Fast charging technology Meizu Super mCharge allows you to fully charge the battery capacity of 3000 mA∙h for 20 minutes

As expected, the company Meizu presented at MWC a new generation of fast-charging technology mCharge.

Now the technology is called Super mCharge. According to the manufacturer, it allows you to charge the battery capacity of 3000 mA∙h with 0 to 60% over 10 minutes, and to 100% in 20 minutes. The charger delivers a constant voltage of 11 V at a current of 5 A, that is, the power is 55 watts. For comparison: in the case of Qualcomm QC 3.0 threshold equal to 18 W, in the case of Oppo VOOC — 20 watts.

In addition to battery and charger Super mCharge includes new USB cable designed to power up to 160 W (20 V, 8 A). Connector, fitted to cable, can withstand up to 10 000 connections. As stated, the intense charging no impact on battery life: it retains 80% capacity after 800 cycles, which corresponds to more than two years of normal use. As for temperatures, according to the manufacturer, in the process of charging the battery heated no more than up to 39°C. the Appearance of the development in serial products is expected in the next year or two.

Sources: Meizu GSM Arena



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