Fashionable women’s watch: Best of 2018

From the beginning, wrist watches were considered a female-only accessory. The first copies looked small and exquisite. The clock was more fashionable decoration than an instrument for measuring time.

Later watches have become a necessity of women, an indispensable attribute of a business persons who can’t imagine their day without strict time management.

Elegant decoration on your wrist not only showed time but also emphasized the style and status of its owner.

We offer you the most fashionable watches for women in 2018.


Fashion watches abound with 2018 models in a minimalist style. Despite the absence of the original decor, they look very stylish.

Minimalist watch is clean dial with hands. It’s absolutely not necessary features, like, pedometer, date, buttons, and other modern elements.

The only thing they can be adorned with the logo of the manufacturer.

Such a watch suited to business women or young persons. The simplicity of this accessory hides the inexpressible chic.

Massive watch

As would be biased were not an oversized watch by fashion critics, they are still in trend.

These models are made with a thick, delicately embrace the wrist and pay attention to it.


Massive watch is more like a male model, but women’s designs include a subtle charm that is popular that year in a row.


A large volume dial and strap, this timepiece, and along with their owners of inner strength, so necessary in the modern world.

Miniature clock

The best that can offer a new season of 2018. These versatile watch suitable for any outfit. A neat little watch on a thin strap always appropriate.

They can be made of plastic, metal, precious metal alloys and other materials.

Fashionable collections of Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana include unique miniature clocks that look stylish and expensive.

The classical model

Every year designers and artists trying to make a note of variety in a simple, classic design of watches.

Model 2018 completed:

  • with simple dials and bracelets
  • a minimal amount of ornamentation and decoration
  • stainless steel and precious alloys

Such stylistic limitations are complemented by subtle details unique to each model. They make a classic watch truly luxurious.

Watch with precious metals

Watches, decorated with precious stones or Swarovski crystals – the finest selection of 2018 for young girls who want to show their status.

This accessory can be worn to a party or business event.

However, remember that watches with precious metals require consonance with other elements of the image.

This can be a brilliant handbag, shoes or dress should be in harmony with the clock.

Pendants clock

A fine and truly noble way create watch pendants. When you first look at them, it is clear that their place on the neck, romantic and gentle nature.

After clicking the button, cover the clock reveals the graceful dial. The second free flap inlaid with precious stones or engraving.

Modern clock-pendants little resemblance to their past counterparts, they are more like feminine pendants on a thin gold or silver chain.

Techno watch

With the development of new technologies to replace the mechanics come electronic watch. As the most simple phones have been replaced by advanced smartphones and the mechanical watch with the usual gears were replaced with «smart» models.

The main task of the hours – display the time moved into the background. Depending on the requests of the owner of hours, the accessory can be supplemented with:

  • pedometer
  • calendar
  • pulse
  • applications for SOC.networks
  • browser
  • music player

Such a watch-like smartphone, but in a more miniature version.

Smart assistants, despite the abundance of features, seem very stylish and original. They can complement a casual or business look. But under an evening dress watch-gadgets, it’s best not to wear.

Custom strap

The original strap is the current trend in 2018.

Fashion long slim bangle, which emphasizes the design of the watch. Miniature watch on a leather strap tightly hug your wrist and create a mysterious futuristic image.

Solid classic straps 2018 decorated with prints, rhinestones or unusual texture.

Massive watch with a big dial look better in a Duo with strap-handkerchief. The soft fabric allows you to tightly embrace the wrist and rubs the arm.

Creative forms

Design idea does not stand still. The idea is to place the watch in a dazzling custom frame is not new, each season, fashion offers the original form of this stylish accessory.

The classic round shape is not satisfied with girls, so designers are ready to offer them oval, square, elongated hours, models in the form of petals, faces, cartoon characters, etc.

Irregular shape at the peak of popularity in the recent seasons. Girls are offered a huge number of hours in an unusual style and original decor.

These models are suitable not for everyone, but if you will choose such a creative watch, they surely will serve you, attracting interested glances.


Such models are the choice of brave fashionistas who are ready to conquer all with its originality.

At first glance, the watch looks uncomfortable, it is simply impossible to understand anything, but over time you will only need a cursory glance, to know what evidence the shooter.

Actual color wristwatch 2018

Metallic shades – a classic of watch design. Most of the girls chooses them, they are more familiar and suitable for any outfits.

But if you are a lover of bright and fresh colours for you designers have developed a number of fashionable shades that will be popular in 2018.

These include:

  • turquoise
  • green
  • pale blue
  • salmon
  • fuchsia
  • Sunny yellow
  • orange

Models can be made in a plain version or with a smooth transition from one color to another.

2018 fashionable watches embody the expectations of all categories of fashionistas business women who don’t leave home without this accessories, young girls, using a watch as an element of his image.

When choosing a wristwatch for the coming year, try to adhere to the compromise between practicality and style. That’s when they will be unbeatable highlight of your image.

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