Fashionable women’s shirt in 2018

Fashion is really unpredictable, and women’s shirts that is a perfect example. Exclusively male garment quickly moved to images of women, displacing traditional blouses.

Undoubtedly, the shirts have undergone some changes that make them much sleeker and more feminine. Color solutions models became brighter, and the silhouette more concise.

Women’s shirts 2018 represented a wide variety of models, shapes and styles. Fashion collection of a famous fashion designer never complete without this stylish garment is made for business or casual style.

Shirt – a universal thing, which depending on style can transform the delicate nature in a simple and elegant model, and the conservative woman to give romance and playfulness.

Fashionable women’s shirt in 2018: the Best models and ideas

For women’s shirts 2018 many designers chose a lightweight and smooth fabric – satin and silk. The least popular practical and comfortable knitted patterns, guipure and lace.

The leading trend 2018 – denim shirts that are in a variety of styles, from ultrashort to long dresses.

For girls who want to emphasize the waist, designers offer shirts with a belt or strap.

Womens shirt oversize 2018

Things oversize with caution perceived by fashionistas. Many seasons the girls were easier and more familiar to wear a fitted dress, a blouse or a shirt, creating a fashionable standard of shape «hourglass».

However, designers have returned to a fashion pedestal style 80-ies with a massive clothing with an almost masculine silhouettes. Clothing style oversize mega-popular in recent seasons. Against this background, bulky shirt of 2018 will look appropriate in almost any way.

Shirt with long sleeves

Ruffles, cuffs, and ultra-long sleeves is not the first season adorn the fashion shows. Casual free style is more aesthetic in nature, talking about restraint and principled girls.


Trend 2018 – verbose images where women’s shirt is the main piece of kit.

Women’s denim shirts 2018

Practical and comfortable denim shirt is the best purchase for each girl. A variety of colors and styles allows you to choose the best model for each day.

In the upcoming season 2018 actual ripped finish and raw edges women’s shirts. Fashion models are made with large pockets, collar and original design in the form of embroidery, and braided belt.

In addition to the usual blue denim, fashionistas, models are proposed in pastel hues and more saturated and bright colours. Very impressive looking model with gradient transition between colors. This so-called «boiled» method looks unusual and original.

A definite favorite of 2018 is considered to be a black denim shirt, which due to the special property of this shade to smooth lines and angular shapes will appeal to many fashionistas.

Fashion plaid shirts 2018

Plaid colors is another element of male style that fit in for women. Such models are universal and essential for an everyday look.

However, plaid shirt fashion poses some limitations. Before you wear a shirt with such a tricky color you need to think about combining this item with other wardrobe items.

The undeniable advantage of plaid shirts in a variety of prints. The best option for the 2018 season fashion – «tartan» – a combination of black-and-white stripes on a red background. This model looks more traditional and goes with almost any bottom.

Special attention should be paid to the size of the cells. Larger prints recommended lush ladies, and small cells will look better on petite and slender women of fashion. Try to stick to this unwritten rule, otherwise the figure of the fragile ladies just get lost in the huge figures and forms large ladies inadvertently highlighted and will draw attention to the excess volumes.

Transparent women’s shirts 2018

It is impossible to imagine a more delicate and intriguing images than bows with translucent shirts. They will be a real hit in 2018.

According to fashion designers, provocative notes in the way never hurt anyone, so the best choice for vesenne-the summer season of 2018 will become weightless cotton and silk shirts.

Color solution semi-transparent shirts can be very diverse. Dark shades hide figures flaws, but at the same time, create some intrigue. Bright tones, on the contrary, emphasizes the openness and tenderness of the girl, making her look airy and fragile.

The main emphasis in these models is made on the texture of the fabric, so you should not experiment with colors. Choose monochrome models with minor decorations in the form of flat pockets and delicate buttons.

In addition to the classic shades in 2018 will be actual bright vivid colors – turquoise, coral, camel, deep blue, scarlet and others. They are more appropriate for summer images combined with denim leaves ahead or Bermuda.

Women’s shirt with unusual collar

Unusual collar looks incredibly stylish. A variety of collars – stand, Mao, French, etc. allows you to create a unique model of women’s shirts, which does not need any additional decor or accessories.

Very feminine looking shirt with a collar in the form of a bow or patches. It turns out some combination of blouses and shirts.

Extra long women’s shirts 2018

Long shirts are very similar to tunic. Many fashionable women also wear them, trousers, complementing practical jeans or shorts to the knees.

To wear such a model as the dress is still not recommended. It’s a cross between a classic shirt and dress. They perfectly hide the imperfections of the waist and hips, visually pull the figure. Wear a long shirt you need with a fitted pants or jeans, complemented this outfit with heels.

Shirt dress 2018

Shirt-Maxi – a unique thing which is able to diversify and refresh the image of the ladies of all ages.

In 2018, the most relevant models will be t-shirt dress:

  • oversize
  • Safari
  • military
  • with belt
  • with prints and floral motifs

Dress shirt combine with a knitted cardigan knitted from fine yarns, with a jacket or blazer. The quality of the shoes, choose shoes with a low heel or model on the platform.

The popularity of the shirts for the past several decades due to the property of this article of clothing to emphasize femininity and sexuality of girls, to make them look more refined and elegant.

Be sure to complete your casual style with the original shirt and you certainly will look stylish and elegant in any situation.

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