Fashionable women’s and men’s baseball hats and caps 2018

Even far from the basketball and sports girls would love to fill up your wardrobe with a stylish hat. This original accessory, once considered exclusively malchikova a hat, quickly got in sight of the girls seeking to diversify and embellish your image.

Today cap is a versatile and fashionable headdress, which is worn both girls and boys, combining them not only with sportswear, but with the coats, coats and jackets.

Cap and baseball cap perfectly complement the images with Flirty dresses, Trouser suits and even shoes with heels. In General, this is the garment that is indispensable in a modern streetstyle.

Baseball cap does not have to be super-extravagant and conspicuous. For a harmonious and stylish image enough caps simple design with a minimum of decoration. The only thing that can embellish these hats is of an application with the brands or words, a couple of rhinestones or beads.

Hats and caps: what’s the difference?

For many, baseball cap and cap – equivalent. However, the cap is a broader concept and involves several types of this headgear.

Baseball has a unique cut, which involves six wedges which are connected by a button at the top of the product. The peak of his baseball cap slightly bent, which gives it more grace and style.

Stylish women’s baseball cap 2018

Style caps unchanged for many years. Designers only to vary the usual kind of headdress stylish decor or unusual shape of the visor.

No caps don’t do any fashion show. They are considered the epitome of street style, which combines several fees directions, harmoniously uniting in one sophisticated look.

Take a look at the pictures below. Perhaps your choice will fall on one of the designer caps and adorn your stylish image.

Caps fashion designers in amazing variety of colors, styles and materials. Every fashionista will be able to find exactly the model that will perfectly fit into her idea of a stylish headdress.


Hip hop baseball cap for girls

Model with wide straight visor are very popular among young girls and guys. Fans of this fashionable musical trends just don’t think your outfit without the baseball cap in hip-hop.

Even if you don’t treat the fans of this musical genre, this cap will be the main headdress in your closet. It goes perfectly with slacks, t-shirts, oversize t-shirts and sneakers.

This style of hat should not fit tightly to the head, on the contrary, it must be clearly not the size, if removed from the head of a boyfriend.

What to wear with women’s baseball caps?

By itself, the baseball cap is already a decoration image, but you looked really gracefully, you need to think about the harmonious combination of this headgear other garments.

Stylists offer to wear a hat in 2018, a goal with a stylish shorts or Bermuda shorts. To make the bow lighter and more youth will allow colored suspenders. To complete the stylish look can bright sneakers, sports sandals or espadrilles.

Very impressive looks like a combination of baseball caps with denim shorts and romantic lace top. The quality of the shoes, choose sandals with a heel or high wedge heels.

Denim cap 2018

Universal love for denim is reflected in the numerous fancy images which are based on denim overalls, trousers, shirts and jackets. Familiar to us denim blue gives way to white, red, black and other shades.

Baseball cap denim look incredibly stylish. Due to the thick texture they wrap around the head and create a graceful and even business image every day.

Especially popular last season, mono-Luke denim, where denim baseball caps just won’t do. They are decorated with stylish embroidery with brands and slogans are so popular among young people, with applications, crystals and beads of different sizes. Such models are ideal for image creation in the style sport-chic.

Prints and patterns for women’s caps 2018

A variety of contemporary styles and quirky silhouettes caps 2018 will delight fashionistas who want to add to your wardrobe a special and unique thing.

Plaid baseball hats and caps 2018

Geometric prints, lines, and cells are very popular in recent years. The craze for such patterns is reflected in the decor, clothes, makeup and of course, hats.

Color solutions checkered caps and baseball caps may be very diverse. For getting stylish patterns, it should combine 2-3 colors. Classic version – blue and red, purple and Bordeaux, etc.

Leather hats and caps 2018

The skin has again become the favorite fashion shows of famous designers. To wear leather skirts and pants are not considered something vulgar and inappropriate in a casual manner.

Leather hats and caps are also popular among ladies of all ages, offering a predominantly black, blue or red.

Trend 2018 hats deep shades of garnet, wine, olive etc. They perfectly complement casual and business combined with bows, and coats and long coats.

Hats and caps with inscriptions 2018

Spectacular headdresses with inscriptions of the mega-popular among young fashionistas. In fashion the clear and profound words on caps and baseball caps which is not just a decoration, but an appeal to others.

The inscription on the baseball hats and caps can be embroidered or made as of an application that contain only one word or a slogan, often in English.

Hats and caps with prints 2018

Very cute and girly look hats with floral prints. Such models will perfectly complement a summer look, giving it a touch of girly flair and elegance. As print can serve as images of flowers, leaves, big buds, patterns that mimic the natural color of wild animals, etc.

Stylish men’s baseball cap 2018

Men, ironically, also closely follow the latest trends in the fashion world. Closet true connoisseurs of the style is not complete without a fashionable baseball cap, which often becomes the main element of mens bow every day.

Men’s hats and caps are more severe and angular style. They are made in solid colours – black, white, bright red, without unnecessary decoration.

For stylish men’s hats applicable all the same recommendations as for women’s hats and caps, with the only exception that the guys still shouldn’t be worn by models with floral prints and rhinestones. The only thing that can afford men’s baseball cap or hat is embroidered with the brand logo or inscriptions.

Of course, a hat or baseball cap should be every girl or guy. This simple and incredibly stylish hat allows you to make simple attire fashionable and extravagant way that will be appropriate in all situations.

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