Fashionable tunic in spring-summer of 2018

In the fashion season spring-summer 2018 tunic back to the images of the girls of all ages. This comfortable and stylish piece of clothing that was created in Ancient Rome and Greece, where the cornerstone was set free style and excellent taste in clothes.

Modern tunics, of course, differ from their predecessors and look completely different, but remained unchanged, only the length.

Fashionistas is very fond of this versatile, comfortable, stylish and beautiful garment which can easily be combined with extra long leggings, trousers-tubes or jeans.

Modern trendy tunics represent an elongated blouse, length below the hips, without a collar.

The tunic can be a variety of styles – sporty, strict business, bulky, slim etc. that’s What makes tunic is irreplaceable in creating stylish sets for each day.

The current trends of fashionable tunics of the season spring-summer 2018

Fashion designers do not get tired to promote stylish images with tunics to the masses, assuming that the garment deserves attention of women.

The variety-fitting tunics, of the material of the product allows you to create casual, beach sets for each day.

With the help of tunics, you can stand out from the boring formal style, making the way more easy and relaxed.

White tunic – the top of femininity and grace. Such a thing could be easily combined with light summer trousers, and slim jeans.

The combination of a white tunic with short shorts – great summer stylish image of a young girl.

The most popular among the girls tunics with high-waisted, which is beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the female form and accentuate the waist.

Choosing the right tunic visibly transforms the image of a girl, visually elongating the silhouette.


We offer to your attention an overview of the most stylish styles of the tunics of the season spring-summer of 2018, which will be most relevant in the spring and summer images.


Grunge as a style does not tolerate strict limits imposed fashion rules and in 2018 will acquire new facets, complementing the already familiar riot of colors and textures new hairstyles and accessories.

The abundance of patches, tears on clothes, stylish decor in the form of pins, appliqué, lace inserts, eclectic shabby and worn clothes to show the true trends of the grunge style.

Tunic dress in the grunge style in the spring and summer season of 2018 include items such as:

  • loose baggy fit
  • worn fabric, feeling the old worn things
  • asymmetrical cut
  • the abundance of faded colors and prints
  • cuts and tears with raw edges moradinia

Tunic with a great neck complement the shirt or t-shirt of bright colors. This allows you to wear the tunic over one shoulder, emphasizing an easy, relaxed style.

Transparent tunic

Lightweight translucent fabric is the most relevant in the warm season.

It can be as smooth, translucent fabric, and a variety of lace, with a volume of viscous, delicate, with embroidery or lurex.

Runway model transparent tunics often wore on his naked body, but not every girl would dare to repeat this technique in your life. Better to buy a bra in Nude, white or combining color with tunic color.

So your image will look relaxed, but not vulgar.


Tunic-shirt gives you the opportunity to dream up a way, choosing additional accessories. Lightweight, comfortable tunics with buttons down the front can be decorated simply belt or girdle-braid on top of the product.

Original cut of the tunics-shirts allows you to structure the body, highlighting the silhouette and emphasizing the style.

Prints of shirts can be very diverse. Their choice primarily depends on the situation – it can be simply fitted tunic-white or trapezoidal tunics of pale colors or cells.


The oversize is becoming increasingly popular among fashionistas. Clothing that is several sizes to big or simply voluminous well-very free thing allow you to create layered images.

There is a perception that the style is oversized to be invented as a consolation for the fatties that try to hide the flaws of their figures. On the contrary, if you are overweight, you tunic oversize you categorically do not fit. Slender lady loose tunic-oversized will look very attractive.

Loose fit tunic-oversized allows the girl to feel more at ease and even sexy.

Sports tunic

From sports component in these tunics only the name. In fact, sports tunics can be used to create a casual feminine look.

Speaking of sports style tunic, here can be a variety of options – with a hood, long sleeves, cropped, ¾ sleeve with liner or a simple «accordion» at the elbows, with a variety of lightning – scythe from the collarbone to mid-chest or round neck.

Sports tunic is the best choice for those who value style and comfort without scruple movements and strict stylistic rules.

Asymmetric tunic

The asymmetry observed in fashion shows from Lacoste, Ports 1961, Whit for a long time. Ladies are increasingly choosing disproportionate lines, innovative cuts and color fashionable tunics.

Asymmetric cut tunic fits most girls and will emphasize some areas of shapes or setting off the other.

New models asymmetric tunic is a bold combination of «flashy» styles and different fabrics in one product.

Beach tunic

Loose fit tunic is perfectly suited as leisure wear at the beach or summer walks.

Most often, beach tunics are made of chiffon or silk using a variety of prints – floral, abstract, Oriental style, geometry, etc.

The color gamut of beach tunics are appropriate, everything related to the sea and the rest blue, yellow, coral, blue.

Trendy colors of the tunics of the season spring-summer 2018

White and black tunic – a classic fashion preferences, which can be performed in a variety of styles. In addition to the season spring-summer of 2018 will be dominated by the tunics of red, blue, pink and peach color.

Each girl can select a tunic according to their own preferences, but the most relevant are the following colors:

cream, peach, pink

blue, blue, Indigo, azure

different shades of green – pine needles, lime, tea tree

That is, all the colors associated with summer, sun and greenery.

The favorite original colors of the season spring-summer 2018 – metallic color. Not every girl is ready to put on a tunic of metallic colors, but if you do decide, then everyone’s attention and unforgettable style you provided.

The combination of tunics with the hem metallic neutral shades (white, cream, brown) get stylish look for the party.

Tunics of various styles perfect for creating a charming kits.

Having in their wardrobe several tunics of different style and cut, you can be confident, that you will always have a fallback for a day out with friends on a summer evening, and for work in the office.

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