Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2018. The new season

The new season will bring shopping many reasons for its revitalization. Fashion 2018 in full swing, and shoes for them is an important role.

Most fashion houses have already contributed to the formation of new trends. It’s already in paint covered magazines and cutting-edge fashion channels.

Shoe trends spring / summer 2018

Among the trend models of the spring-summer season of 2018 will be the sandals decorated with fine glitter. Shoes wear wide-heeled shoes. Also in the trend lacquer and floral print.

Spring flowers on the shoes

Cycloid print, which has clothes and accessories, went down below and graced the fashionable shoes. Flowers can be seen painted directly on the leather. In such cases, the pattern covers the shoes totally. On the soft tissues of the flowers are often present in the form of embroidery or appliques.

Original look of the convex parts made of plastic, having the shape of a rose. These 3D drawings are often adorned summer sandals and sandals. This style requires to carefully select the clothes and accessories, so for variety, you can replenish your wardrobe with only 1-2 pairs original floral Shoe.

All shiny

Fabulous sparkling shoes not only worthy of Cinderella. Today to decorate their legs with the shiny shoes can every fashionista. Moreover, this trend has continued for a second season. Glitter sandals and sneakers can be combined with jeans of any modern styles. The high-heeled shoes complement formal bow or cocktail outfit. In trend, all types of glitter: gold, silver, copper and slightly reddish glitter.

Lacquered surfaces in the trend

A perfectly smooth varnished surface attracts the views of others. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd. In the new spring-summer season lacquer coated pumps, slingbacks, sandals and other types of open shoes. On the shelves can be seen as a fully glazed pair of shoes, and models with glossy accents. Looks original sports shoes, where you play and shimmer in the light. While street sneakers retain their specific charm, which is so indispensable in the creation of the style sport-chic.

Varnish requires adherence to certain rules in selecting the basic palette of the image. Black leather harmonizes well with bright shades of red and other deep colors. If spring shoes colored patent leather inserts, clothes for them better to choose calm pastel shades. Most importantly in the case of patent leather to balance its aktsentirovano with the other parts of the bow.

Womens shoes wide heel

In fashion again-retro-aesthetics. From the seventies of the last century, we returned to the thick chunky heel. Models with this heel fit for any style. The height should be average, which fully corresponds to the notion of practicality.

The simplicity of the Shoe with such a heel successfully kompensiruet mix trends in one pair. It can be insertion of plastic material with a mirror surface, a scattering of rhinestones and stones, metal fasteners and decorations.

Stiletto heel or platform

Lovers of classic high heels will be this year a little disappointed. Leading fashion houses took such shoes place on the margins of impressions. Only Gucci can meet Orthodox model of the classical pattern of a boat. Others prefer or to exclude the heel from the collection, or to give it negligible attention.

In the collections of Dolce&Gabbana, Saint Laurent, Haider Ackermann, these models were decorated with futuristic panels of colored plastic and metal. Addition of steel lace socks, which not allows in this case to talk about the classics.

In the new season we can say about the victory over the massive platform slender heel. It is convenient, practical, and always original. This design gives ample opportunities for decorating and the use of additional materials. New models suggest hypertrophy, then they were brought to.

Collections Maison, Margiela, Gucci and others have proposed to combine in one pair of two trends of the season in thick heel and a chunky punk platform, decorated with chains and studs. Despite the threatening combination of rough lines, the shoes turned out to be quite feminine.

In defiance of the above-described models appeared on the podium of the so-called platform. It is a flat smooth sole, more like traditional Japanese shoes. Such models were met in the sport variation.

In the new season low flat platform pushed the fashion informed high sneakers. Light sandals gave a leg of the women’s elegance and tenderness, which was impossible to achieve from the shoes and platform sneakers.


Armani and Alexander Wang offered to be a hot summer in the comfort of flip flops, clip-on foot using straps on the ankles.

Fashion small delicate heels, called kitten heel. They will save lovers studs from rushing between the shelves with thick, robust but fashionable heels and graceful, bygone, classic.

Many designers from year to year create in their summer collections a separate line slap. Perhaps someone will take this Shoe exclusively to beach group. However, in the performance of contemporary designers, this simple type of Shoe can be a harmonious addition to office ensemble. To verify this, it suffices to study the collection for the warm season from Miu Miu, Christian Dior and Hugo Boss.

Originality on the verge

Until someone chooses open flip flops for the beach and office, particularly daring ladies acquire boots with fur of the summer. Such contrasts are not new to the fashion world. Massive boots worn with mini-dresses and light skirts. Bare feet touching look in the arms of grunge models with a massive platform.

Alternative steel boots, stockings, bright colors. They are frequently decorated with colorful prints and appliqués. It is important that these models were high.

Styling also returned all kinds of weaving of the straps. Designers in the forefront of fashion, offered the products fully assembled from thin straps. Armani allowed ladies to choose the identical model on a flat course or on the heel. These shoes will perfectly complement office and casual look.

In addition, among the main trends, you can highlight a T-shaped fastener, lacing different shapes and colors, prints in the form of reptile skin. The lack of backdrops, some models also welcome.

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