Fashionable shape nails 2018: current trends and photo ideas

The right shade and art is only the first step towards a perfect and eye-catching manicure. The nail design involves a lot more seemingly small elements – the shape, color palette and decorations.

Based on the shape of the nails built the whole nail design. Most fashionistas opt for a classic rounded shape which is most convenient and repeatable at home. It emphasizes the beauty of the hands and does not require constant correction.

Fashionable shape nails 2018

In nail design, there are several basic traditional forms that are popular for a long time and do not lose their relevance. Offer you to get acquainted with them.

Short nails

This season continues to be the priority maximum naturalness, so most of the girls give their nails short and ultra-short form.

The length of the nail should not exceed 2-3 mm. It is the most convenient and practical form for computer and phone usage. The maximum length of the nail plate can reach 5 mm.

Want your image was as natural as possible, then discard the long and pointed nails.

Soft square

Despite the craze for short nails, other forms also occur in a casual manner. Whatever the length of either marigolds, they should be as rounded.

Form of «soft square» is a popular trend of the season. For short and long nails it looks the most advantageous, allowing you to visually lengthen your fingers and make them more accurate.

The shape of nails «Almond»

This is one of the most feminine and delicate shapes of nails, which permanently stuck in nail design. Almond shape involves slightly pointed tips that visually lengthens the nails.

The shape of the nail «Square»

«Square» is not for all fashionistas. It looks great on owners of long and delicate fingers. In other forms it will «chop off hands», creating a feeling chubby and short fingers.

When creating the form «square» it is necessary to sharpen the claw on both sides. Then when regrowth they will not crash into the skin. Such nails will always have to file them, once formed a small «Trost». Despite this, square nails, simple and affordable in the correction, so you don’t have to constantly refer to the master.

On nails square shape looks classic French and monochrome design in dark shades. In addition, square is the best option for a full manicure on short nails.


The shape of the nail «Oval»

Form as old as the world, it is incredibly popular with ladies of all ages. «Oval» is associated with accuracy, femininity and good taste.

Oval focuses on thin fingers, making them soft and tender. This design is suitable for any kind of manicure and looks better on the nails of medium length.

Shape nail art «toe Shoes»

This form of nails, which was recently appreciated by the girls. Feel free to make these nails, and your hands are to look perfect. For «shoes» optimal average length, but on the long nails she looks very attractive.

The angled nails

Is a variation of the popular square shape and is expressed in the straight side lines with a beveled cut. This forms two angles – acute and obtuse. The direction of the slice may be the same or different on all fingers. This shape looks best on long narrow nails.

Perfect length for slanted – medium. It is also important that the nails were healthy and strong, as broken edges and deformed plate will do your manicure is sloppy.

Form «cat’s nails»

The name of the form speaks for itself. Visually they resemble a cat’s nails, which, as you know, are a pointed form. It looks great on narrow thin fingers.

Triangular «cat» form can be called a variation of the almond, but with a more rapid movement to the center of the nail and the formation of an acute angle on the end.

Shape nail art 2018: Fashion trends and ideas

The choice of the form of nails, to a lesser extent depends on the preferences of the girl. Often to achieve the perfect result it is necessary to take into account the length and width of fingers.

Square shape

Excellent choice for fragile girls with narrow hands and long slender fingers. The owner of these hands by nature have a slightly rounded nails, they have only a little them to correct. In this case, the length of the nail does not matter. The square shape looks good with both short and long nails.

Oval shape

Versatile shape which fits any fingers and hands. Oval nails visually lengthen the nails, so this is the best option for owners of the full and short fingers.

Sharpened shape

Almond shape suitable only to owners of long and middle fingers. However, they have to be thin. On the chubby fingers pointed nails will look disproportionate.

On this form, look great nail art with ethnic or floral patterns, classic French.

Fashionable shape nails: photos ideas 2018

The shape of the nail depends on what kind of manicure you can do on their marigolds. For example, if you are a lover of dark shades of nail Polish, then you need to choose a short length. Long nails the color black on the contrary will look vulgar.

If often you prefer the classic French manicure, give your nails a triangular shape.

Almond shape does not tolerate bright, saturated nail art with geometric and vintage design. It is important for a smooth and concise lines, so the best solution is a manicure in soft pastel shades.

If you gave your nails a square shape and want to decorate their chic décor of rhinestones, it is better to abandon this idea. More expressive on such nails will look like a French manicure.

How often do girls only pay attention to design and decoration. However, the same nail art will look different on different nails shape and width of fingers. Consider this feature and your manicure will always look perfect.

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