Fashionable sandals 2018

Stylish lace-up is one of the most important elements of summer. It’s shoes that sets the tone for the ensemble. Correctly matched pair can spice up even the most simple and simple outfit composed of items of clothing in the mass segment.

Stylists recommend to always give priority to quality sandals. Shoes, in their opinion, have to be perfect, whereas the rest of the summer attire may consist of a clothing budget.

Fashion trends 2018 imbued with the spirit of conservatism and moderate style. Most models of sandals have migrated from the previous design shows and actual in the coming year.

We offer you 10 fashion trends 2018, which necessarily push you to replenish your Shoe shelves classy sandals or bright patterns in the style of smart casual.

Lace-up and drawstring 2018

Such models can hardly be called a novelty, but that doesn’t change the fact that in 2018 sandals with laces are common on the legs of fashionistas.
Designers presented model is decorated with thin laces that rise to the knee, tight tightening calf women.

Sandals with lacing are so versatile for summer that they can complement almost any look. Stylists presented several options to combine these shoes with a long chiffon skirts, dresses in military-style or shorts.

Fashionable colours of sandals are shades of olive, brown, black and beige color.

Sandals 2018

Even the hardiest of fashion, accustomed to strut around in high-heeled footwear, I want convenience and comfort. Sandals essential for long summer walks, the beach, etc.

The majority of models submitted by designers, devoid of even a hint of a heel. The only decoration of this Shoe is a pair of straps that securely holds the sandals on the foot.

Models of sandals with a flat course often run in nadovich and caramel shades, harmoniously merging with tanned skin. Some designers decided to compensate the lack of the heel of the abundance of flashy decor and color.


In 2018, the most popular are rich shades shoes – blue, crimson, purple, cherry, and of course, silver or gold color.
Style sandals flat shoes will fit perfectly in the images of Bohemian or other exotic outfits.

Comfortable flip-flops 2018

Flip-flops-birkenstock has a long history, along with such classics as jacket or Aviator frame. In 1902 the shoemaker Karl Birkenstock created this convenient for many women shoes, giving ordinary at first glance, the flip-flops unconventional design and style.

Design birkenstock decorated with pieces of fur, decorated with animal prints, floral patterns, buckles and chains. Combine these shoes with sports kits, clothing style casual, boho, or military.

Always on top

For those who like comfort, but are unhappy with their growth, stylists offer a huge number of models on the platform and wedge heels.

In 2018, a particularly relevant model with a monochrome combination of platform and top products. No less popular and contrasting colors. Platform sandals gracefully accent the ankle, so wear them with a denim skirt, shorts, Safari style, skirts-Maxi chiffon.

Pointed toe

No one pair of elegant women shoes is not without a pointed toe. Designers have repeatedly tried to impose fashionistas round, oval and even square toe options, but the classics still withstand serious competition.

In 2018, key trends are slingbacks with a small heel-a liqueur glass and a flat sole. Famous designers Chanell, Lanvin and Dior presented models decorated with ribbons of fine leather, perforated panels, decorated with a scattering of pearls and thin straps casually tied around the legs.

Velvet summer

Gentle material with deep color has become a favorite not only in tailoring, but coped well with the decoration of the summer footwear. Velvet is used to create a light and elegant sandals and shoes.

In the new season 2018 velvet shoes has lost its aggressive luster, bereft of jewellery and decorative items. In addition, the colors of the shoes were softer and less saturated. Designers have proposed the new colors that abound in soft pastel tones.

Closer to nature

According to designers, plain sandals should also have its own flavor that will not look challenging, but at the same time to impress with extravagance and elegance.

In 2018, this new steel sandals with animal embossing. Court to the public presented model, simulating crocodile skin, snake skin, turtle shell pattern, ornate relief on the skin of a Stingray.

Rectangular heel 2018

The relevance of rectangular and trapezoidal heels reputation. This is a classic stylish and comfortable shoes for women of all ages.

Sandals with a rectangular heel not only look elegant and stylish, they are very comfortable to wear. In such shoes you will not get tired after long walks or working day on the feet.

Model 2018 made sandals with a little heel-shoed and inconspicuous strap. In the latest collections of Armani, Jason Wu, Gicci is the shoes with printed accents, appliques and contrasting rectangular heels.

Mules – stylish new 2018

Years of attempts to create a radically new shoes, not seen before, led to the emergence of semi-closed sandals mules. They perfectly complement the summer look for evening walks, when the heat subsides and the legs feel nice and cool. The upper part of the muley closes the instep, and the toes and the ankle remains open.

Today the fashionistas offer a wide variety of models semi-mules – mules flat shoes, shoes with a squared heel. For the new season, the mules with floral prints, bows made of leather and satin, logos, accents of rhinestones and transparent materials.

Metal casting

Glittering metallic as relevant as ever among the girls. This shade has replaced familiar to many of the garments shades and permanently settled on a color trend.

Metallic shades allow you to make simple sandals much more elegant, giving them a touch of glamor and aristocracy. Popular all variants of this shade – silver, platinum, matte texture, bright, almost lemon, gold, rich bronze.

Every girl is individual, it is like no other understand the famous designers who devoted their lives to the satisfaction of the requests of stylish fashionistas. That is why we have such a wide variety of summer sandals that are designed to make any image unique romantic and tender.

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