Fashionable manicure April 2018

Modern nail art denies and imposed strict rules. Fashionistas allowed to do on their nails this manicure, what they want. However, there are some recommendations following which you will always stay on the cutting edge of fashion.

Offer to meet with the latest designs of spring 2018 recommended by renowned beauty masters.

Current trends manicure: April 2018

Classic options manicure, which is unlikely to ever go out of fashion, it is French manicure and red monochrome design. If you are tired of the usual nail solutions, 2018 is the time for interesting beauty finds.

Long nails

Long nails the last few years have caused confusion. They were considered the height of vulgarity and tastelessness. Latest fashion week returned long pointed nails in the main trends of the upcoming year.

However, it is not surprising that the preferences of the girls change very quickly, and they want to see on your nails is something radically new and unique. A long time favourite nail design short nails with the «soft square». Now the situation has changed and many stars appeared before the public with extremely long fingernails.

You can grow your nails or use false. Last option is essential for parties and easily transforms into a casual nail art in just a few minutes.

The glitter of precious metals

Another hit of spring 2018 – silver and «gold» marigolds. These shades are applicable on long and short nails. Besides, to create a similar monochrome design is every girl. Manicure with precious metals immediately attracts attention, but looks very delicately and moderately.

Options spring manicure with the precious metals a great many. You can cover the nail varnish in several layers and create a stunning deep shade or do a couple of coats of silver lacquer on a few fingers.

Attractive detail

Decorating simple design highlight in the form of precious stones, crystals, light prints is used by most nail-designers. Without such details modern arts on the nails look unfinished and empty.

Latest trends nail Polish for April 2018 is:

  • jewelries, imitation precious stones and gold pieces
  • individual decoration of marigold flowers surround or moldings

Amazing designs was presented on the runway of The Blonds and Philipp Plein, where models appeared with the nails, adorned with Golden chains, feathers and appliqués.


For everyday use such options, of course, will look too extreme, so you can limit minor decorated with Golden stars and flowers.

Colorful spring 2018

After a moderate winter shades of nail Polish, I want to make a bright and extravagant design that would play with all the colors of the rainbow. Colorful spring manicure 2018 – promising trend that will settle permanently in the Arsenal of nail-designers.

To create this manicure just paint each nail in different colors, and they should not be repeated. Some fingers you can draw simple geometric patterns, floral or abstract prints.

Marble design 2018

Designer novelty 2018 can be called marble manicure, which can be made in several versions of the application. These include marble stamping, shading or the use of colored markers.

Very impressive and fashionable looks marble manicure in pastel colours. The combination of milk, white and pink colors look unusually and gently. Designers offer in the spring of 2018 to experiment with colors and to use a deeper color blue, fuchsia, blue, green, purple.

Accessories in the manicure 2018

The popularity of fashion bracelets has penetrated into nail designs, embodied in the fashionable art on your nails with simulated stylized pendants. To achieve a similar effect by using thin coloured and metallic threads, strips, beads and other materials.

Its popularity such design shall Seoul master Yang Kung Park that introduced the first versions of this design . He took as the basis of «friendship bracelets», so popular among Korean fashionistas.

Moderate minimalism 2018

Fashionista are tired of simple and plain designs, so in the spring of 2018 will be made first attempt to diversify and embellish their nails big jewelry.

However, minimalism is not soon finally leave nails fashionistas. Many girls still do not rush to bright and causing the designs and use proven techniques and shades.

The style has not changed in comparison with previous seasons. All as well actual simple geometric prints, stripes, floral patterns and classic technique – French, lunar and Ombre.

Actual colors of spring 2018: Ideas, innovations, trends

Undoubted favorite of the preferences of the majority of fashionistas are 3 nail Polish colors – black, red and nodoby. These colors are most often found in casual, business, evening manicures separately and in combination.

With the arrival of spring 2018 the situation has not changed much, and the trio will continue to be relevant and in demand.

Nodoby spring manicure

It is impossible to imagine a more concise and pleasant view shade than sudovye caramel color, whose variety allows you to create a huge number of designs every day.

Bright colors fit to any clothing, but when buying varnish pastel shades it is necessary to consider the color of your skin and choose the most suitable and well-matched.

Black manicure 2018

Black color is hard to call the cheerful and spring. However, this is the shade that is a classic nail design. It feels great in combination with formal dress in «sex» or short black lace dress.

Red shades of varnish 2018

Red has a huge number of shades, so in the spring of 2018 you can show imagination and make the most diverse manicure with an abundance of design and decoration. In April 2018 will be in trend wine, cherry, claret, crimson, garnet shades.

Spring 2018 can be called a turning point in modern nail industry. In place of the usual forms, techniques and shades come dramatically new trends that will dominate at fashion pedestals and marigolds simple fashionistas for a long time.

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