Fashionable haircuts in the summer of 2018

With the onset of warm time of year many girls think about changing hairstyles. It is important that new haircut is not only suitable for your face shape, but also consistent with contemporary trends, emphasizing individuality. So we offer you advance understanding of how women’s haircuts will be in fashion in the summer of 2018.

Haircuts for long hair

If you happen to be the owner of long hair, stylists recommend to pay attention to the ladder or cascade. This option is always a win-win, because regardless of whether you arrange them in a bun or leave it loose, the hair will always look well-groomed and stylish. Cascade haircut even allows you to soften the facial features.


Another advantage of cutting with a ladder you can call it that in front of you are endless possibilities in choosing the styling. This way you will be able to create each time new images, depending on the specific situation.



Creating a casual look, simply gather hair into a tight bun. In 2018 popular is easy negligence. To achieve the same effect of hairstyle is enough to take out a few strands, leaving them dangle down. For fixing the tail can be used like a thick elastic band, and any bright ribbon.

To just one movement to transform hair from everyday to festive, stylists offer to take advantage of any decoration, which today there is a huge number.


If you prefer just to have long hair, don’t forget to feather it. In 2018 will be relevant oblique and straight partings.

Owners of long hair are also available various options of hairstyles using braided braids.

Soft curls

2018 dictates the fashion on naturalness. Therefore, relevant are natural curls and waves. Such locks are also called «beach». You do not need to aim for a perfect installation. Quite the opposite, the simpler and more natural they are, the better.

To make this hairstyle, you will need gentle products intended for styling hair. It can be foam or mousse normal fixation. It is important to abandon the use of gel or spray to secure the hair.

Create beautiful curls which will have a natural look, you can use soft hair curlers from foam rubber or hair dryer-Styler. This hairstyle is especially suitable for feminine and romantic natures. Similar styling can often be found on many celebrities during special events.

Haircuts for short hair

In the summer of 2018 stylists will not bypass the attention and girls with short hair. At the peak of popularity will be the «pixie» and rockabilly style. The most relevant will be the haircut, with an open forehead without bangs.

Incredibly popular in 2018 will be the haircut «a boy». The bangs is ultra short.

In the new season fashion will come back colored strands. Now, however, they will have the most incredible shades.


Asymmetrical haircuts in the past, so oblique bangs no longer relevant. Instead, the stylists offer long, straight and well laid bangs that will equally look good on any girl, regardless of the type of her face.

For those who have by nature straight hair, so bangs is an ideal option. She always looks stylish and does not require a long styling. If your hair is curly, you’ll have to straighten the bangs using irons with the use of special styling products.


Hair ornaments

For lovers of all kinds of accessories, stylists in 2018 offer a variety of hair clips, decorated with rhinestones and stones, wide hoops, headbands, made in the Greek style, all kinds of bandages etc. Using such accessories, you can every day to create a new image.

Haircut caret

If you like Kare, you can safely do yourself that haircut. After several years of silence, the master once again recaptures its position.

Hit of the summer 2018 will be the effect of wet hair. Especially effective this presentation will be in large curls, regardless of their length.

At the peak of popularity tails. It can be done anywhere: at the back, on top, on the side. You only need to choose whether it’s a tight pony tail or laying casually sticking out of the side strands.

The Bob haircut

Haircut «Bob» fashion for over 100 years and in the summer of 2018, it will not lose its relevance. Its advantage is that it looks great on any type of face. For those who have a round face, Bob without bangs from the shoulder line visually to extend it. Otherwise, you should choose a Bob to the chin or cheekbones with bangs.

In addition to classic haircuts, you can choose a Bob with separately protruding strands or so-called «ragged edge». This haircut is called universal, since it does not require frequent adjustment and simple installation.

Creative haircuts

Among the leaders the summer of 2018 can meet creative haircuts that combine long hair with shaved temples. As an option – the hat short hair with a long lower layer, or asymmetrically cropped bangs. For a haircut with shaved temples can be achieved far not every girl.

Natural haircuts

In 2018 natural beauty will be very relevant. No matter what the laws dictated fashion, nothing can obscure the natural beauty of women. Particularly attractive will look long hair with natural styling. So a few big waves, freely located on long hair will look natural and quite nice.

No less attractive in summer will look carelessly and restrainest hair. As for parting, he, too, should be natural. It is not necessary to do strict, angular or tilted to one side. Let it be simple, divide the hair into two equal halves.

Straight long strands would not be contrary to the fashion trends of the summer of 2018. If you don’t like the wavy strands, it is not necessary to do. Let the hair remain perfectly smooth as it was originally intended by nature. Besides stylists in the new season have nothing against it.


Whatever haircut you choose, it is important that you be comfortable.

What kind of haircut do you prefer?

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