Fashionable hair color Ideas 2018

Want change in your way? Then start with your hair. Do not have to radically change the hairstyle and length of hair, enough to refresh the hue of the curls, transforming itself with new trends, 2018.

We bring you the most fashionable dyeing of the hair, which will be at the peak of popularity in 2018. Using them, you no doubt will look luxurious and attractive.

Latest trends in hair coloring 2018

Solid hair coloring has long ceased to satisfy fashionistas who want to Express with color, curls your character and preferences.

In fashion, the gradient and stencil coloring, colorization of individual strands and, most importantly, changed the color scheme of hair colors.

Along with the usual combination dark-light, often ladies opt for bright juicy hues that are striking in their extravagance.

Splashlite: Trend 2018

The technology of coloring splashlite fairly new, but already loved by fashionistas of all ages.

Splashlight allows you to create the hair on the likeness of the sun overflow, which touched the hair and illuminating their smooth strip.

To create the sun «kiss», also known as the technology Splashlight, a yellow color palette. Most often it is copper, gold, bronze color, sand or straw.

To create solar flare on the hair alone is unlikely to succeed, so to obtain the effect of fluorescent light on the hair it is better to turn to the master.

Fashionable 3-D coloring 2018

Ombre is so popular among girls that used them for the past several years. For the harmonious and really beautiful brondirovaniya need to take just three shades, then the result will look natural.

The main task of 3-D brondirovaniya – create natural volume in which the hair will look lush and voluminous.


The advantage of the reservation that this technique is suitable for owners of any brand of hair color, as dark-haired and blonde girls. But at last it looks much more impressive.

Smooth gradient: Ombre-some 2018

Ombre is hardly a novelty. Gradient dyeing – the classics of modern hairdressing, which will long remain in the preferences of fashionistas.

Ombre is a combination of two or more tones of the same color or completely different tone colors.

The highlight Ombre technique – the transition from one color to another. It should be as smooth and concise. Even if the staining are different contrasting color, then the transition between them is not evident.

Ombre is a universal technique, which is suitable for different hair lengths from ultra short to long. Not limited to age using this technique, changing only the color. For the older ladies is a light and calm shades for young girls you can use completely different bright eye-catching colors.

Ombre looks great with different hairstyles – straight hair, wavy curls and even curled hair.

The transition between colors is not lost even if you collect hair in a ponytail, braid or a bun – it looks attractive and beautiful.

Ombre is a technique where you can unleash the imagination and choose any colors for painting, sometimes even those that at first glance don’t go together.

Trending cool colors – copper, white, pastel pink, black, various shades.

Highlights: Familiar classics with new faces

Dyeing technique – the first attempt of the masters to diversify the image of the girl using a selection of the individual strands in a different color.

In addition, the highlighting can be done at home, quickly picked up ladies of all ages.

Highlighting involves the use of a combination of several bright colors, slightly different from each other.

In the new 2018 in the trend natural colours with a natural palette that perfectly look on short, medium and long hair. This combination allows you to create the effect of a little sun-bleached strands.

Most relevant for highlighting platinum and muted red shades.

Technique Balaj: a Fashionable alternative to Ombre

Balazs is one of the most fashionable new products in 2018. For coloring use different shades of the same color that create a natural effect of sun-bleached hair.

The transition from one color to another, similar technique Ombre. In balayage used a smooth gradient transition from the taking of individual strands on the head.

Shatush: fashion trend 2018

First looking at Shatush technique of dyeing, you can easily foot it with the Ombre and Balaj. Do all these techniques have something in common, but Shatush looks better on dark hair.

The effect of burned strands in the technique of Shatush is also gradually shifts from one color to another, but unlike Ombre, dyed curls arranged randomly, so the effect clear gradient transition is missing.

Shatush technique looks great on medium to long hair, which offers the most beneficial play of colors.

Trending dark expressive combination of colors – coffee with milk, dark and beige, amber, honey, hazelnuts, Titian. These tones look great on dark hair, for owners which actually is the technique of Shatush.

The stencil on the hair, the Current trend for bright individuals

Want to look stylish and unusual, the technique a stencil is exactly what you need.

Technique stencil allows you to apply on the hair a variety of colors and prints that look bold and extravagant.

The most popular prints with geometric and animal themes, elements of the flora. For those who crave more creativity, can create a stencil of their own sketch.

Most often, stencil dyeing informal attracts young girls. It is difficult to imagine a business lady with expressive prints on the head.

On trend leopard print stencils, ornate waves, floral patterns, large flowers, leaves, Oriental patterns, lace and others.

Bright colors 2018: Fashion coloring color melting

Fashion techniques of hair coloring can not do without a bright rainbow strands. An incredible combination of colors of pearl, the precious opal infuses hair a magnificent glow.

The effect of the melting colors creates a bright and beautiful colour result, allowing you to forget about sophisticated styling.

The very staining color melting already allows to talk about complete and harmonious the hair.

Natural still trending 2018. Even if you use bright colors, they are as close to natural.

2018 fashionable boring complex staining technique, designed to provide a touch of diversity to your natural beauty.

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