Fashionable eyeglass frames 2018

A modern woman in an effort to create your unique style should take into account the smallest details that affect the entire image as a whole. Among the most important accessories, reflecting the stylish preference of the fashionistas, are considered to be points. Especially sharply the question about the selection and most importantly suitable for the oval face eyeglasses stands in front of the girls having eye problems.

Imperfect vision is not a death sentence and the reason to wear classic sunglasses, which mostly look plain and boring. We offer you to find a compromise between the useful properties of points and their stylish look with the help of our review.

Choosing the best frame glasses, the first thing to consider the shape and facial features. They are the most be suitable to the type of your appearance. Often, even small mistakes in the choice of this accessory dramatically change the visual perception of points.

When you purchase keep in mind its an eye problem hyperopia or myopia. If you have a «plus», that is farsighted, you should choose sunglasses with small frames, as the lenses tend to enlarge the eyes. With myopia the opposite. Eyes near lens look smaller, so the size of the frames should compensate for this large size.

Trend glasses 2018 – a symbiosis of glamour, style, elegance and undeniable use of this accessory.

The original rimless glasses oversize

Oversize sunglasses is the best option for girls with myopia. Try to choose a frame of average size, given your type and facial features. Accessory oversize give the image a little immaturity, visually make the younger girls, and the look open and expressive.

Trend rimless cat-eye

Socket «kitty» – many beloved classic that fits any appearance and clothing style. In 2018 refrain from striking options with incredible animal or floral prints. More harmonious and appropriate look eyeglasses relaxed tones.

Some of the excesses in the «cats» still have a place. It can be simple prints, marble design or decorations, the little pebble.

Stylish rimless 2018

Easy, almost weightless eyewear design rimless will appeal to those girls who do not want to once again focus on their vision problems. Most models are made in discreet shades, which merge with the skin.

Fashion round sunglasses 2018

Glasses with round frames not new, but rather a retro-variant that does not prevent them look attractive on most face types. This frame – selection of bold and ambitious ladies, who want to show their individuality even with the help of accessories.


Recommendations for selection of round rim is very loyal – stop your choice on the model that is best suited to your face shape.

Coloured frames 2018

For those girls who are not afraid to make their way in an unexpected and eye-catching details, there is a huge selection of frames the most unimaginable shades. These glasses not only improve vision, and refresh the complexion, will cheer up you and others.

In the trend of the rim with floral and animalistic prints, slight decor without bulky elements.

Square glasses: find for hipster

Stylish sunglasses 2018 presents models of square form with original wide dochkami. They are incredibly popular among young fashionistas wanting to create a cute playful way.

What colors of glasses in fashion

Girls who have repeatedly chosen glasses, have any idea what form of rims appropriate for their type of person. It is usually 1-2 versions, daily to complement their image.

However, constantly wearing the same glasses incredibly boring, the same type of accessories quickly bored. But if you consider the fact that without them it is simply impossible, for many girls, this can cause bad moods and even depression.

Offer you the actual color of rims that will continuously experiment with new images and change glasses depending on the hue of the base image and the situation.

Frame color plays a lesser role in trendy glasses for vision. This year has presented a few basic colors and prints according to latest stylish trends.

Classic color frames

Classics never go out of fashion, so rim black and white continues to find its admirers. If you want to have glasses traditional shades, indispensable for the office dress code while looking stylish, then first and foremost pay attention to the shape of the rim, which will set the tone for the entire accessory.

Stylish neon 2018

You will not go unnoticed in the circle of friends or at a party neon glasses. These models are equipped with a special belt, which is powered by 2 batteries. Using such eyeglasses, you can turn the classic accessory in the incredible beauty of glasses.

If you combine neon glasses with the glowing clothes, it would make a great costume for New year or other entertainment events.

Pastel shades frames 2018

Along with black and white, pastel shades will always be in trend. They perfectly complement a business casual look, perfectly blending with the natural color of the face. This frame is almost invisible on the face and gives the girl’s romantic and sweet touch.

Animalistic 2018

Prints mimic the natural color of wild animals are increasingly appearing in fashion shows, decorating clothes, shoes and accessories. Not remained aloof and eyeglass frames submitted drawings «leopard», «Python», «crocodile» and others.

Of course, such glasses will not suit every girl, besides the unusual print should be combined with the appropriate outfit. Animalistic good looks with the images in the style of casual, boho, ethno.

Eyeglasses military style

Despite the origin, clothing and accessories in military style have been successfully used to create everyday images of urban fashionistas. Glasses with shades of light green, olive, khaki – the best end of the outfit in casual style for every day.

Poor eyesight is not a reason to use lenses, daily-wear which delivers significant discomfort. By choosing the right frames and color glasses, you will be able to turn this challenge into a competitive advantage, adding the image of another stylish and elegant accessory.

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