Fashionable colors manicure. Trends 2018

The upcoming season will introduce innovations in color preferences. Manicure is no exception. In 2018, you can highlight several lines: sudovye shades, bright monochrome manicure, contrasting solutions and classic combinations of black, white and red in accordance with a wardrobe.

Bright nail Polish: fresh ideas

Bright juicy shades of nail Polish is a sure way to stand out from the crowd. Selecting case options, you need to pay attention to a number of features that are designed to provide harmony of the image and indicate the good taste of the owner of such a manicure.

Bright plating requires a smooth natural shape of the nail. Even flashy shades do not allow fashionistas to go far beyond the natural. Oval or almond shape will be the most in demand in the new season. The length of the nail plate should not be excessive. Enough to ensure that the regrown part reached only one third of the total length of the nail. This ensures the creation of natural effect even in combination with a bright Polish.

Trendy colors of the new season is shades of berry, wine, plum, cherry, Marsala. As can be seen in the list of fashionable bright shades not included neon and acid palette, as it was only a few years ago.

Relevant to the summer season will be bright blue, fuchsia, orange, blue, shades of yellow and their combinations. In the trend as always, various shades of red in pure form or with impurities. It is fashionable to mix red with black and gold. Drawings that use such combinations are distinguished by sophistication and elegance.

Metallic surfaces also become trend of the new season. Chrome-plated and silver-plated nails will be as relevant as the plain version, and various combinations of these coatings. Looks interesting Polish in the colour copper a slightly reddish hue. This manicure looks noble and unique.

Seasonal trends

Designers are encouraged to analyze the trendy color palette, given the time of year. Perhaps a combination of 2-3 contrasting colors, but they need to pick up separately for cold and warm seasons. This is largely due to the main colors of wardrobe, and also with the landscape that is fundamentally different in summer, winter and in the offseason.

Palette for summer manicure

Bright summer colours set the tone mood and, as a consequence, the selection of succulent and vibrant shades. Demand will be warm shades of yellow, green, orange, pink. Not to be mistaken with a choice, just look around: the nail color of the summer sky, lush grass, bright sun, ripe orange will be in the top!

Summer trend nautical theme. This means that we can safely combine red, white and blue. To complement a recommended matching patterns and pictures on the marine theme.

Gradient or Ombre will also be a hit in the summer of 2018. Smoothly flowing one into the other colors give a unique effect. Manicure is recommended to combine this technique of pink and coral, orange and yellow, pink and plum, and bright green and yellow, white and blue.

Fashion to decorate the nail plate with fruit picture. It can be stickers or three-dimensional microscopic products made of special clay. It is important to observe moderation and to stick the decoration on one or two fingers in order that the manicure not become tacky and tasteless.

Palette for a winter manicure

Choosing shades on the same principle, and in the summer manicure is to fix his attention on the white paint and blue palette. Also relevant are the various silver coating.

Association winter period with the holidays provide an opportunity to confidently use a combination of red and green, which usually does not allow to achieve a harmonious image. But in the run-up to the holidays is this combination looks especially well.

Evening manicure allows you to use deep, dark shades. The combination of black and red Ombre technique will be relevant for a Christmas holiday party.

Gold and silver coatings can create a memorable combination for the winter period. Gold iridescence on the black and red will look amazing. In turn, silver will adorn the dark nail Polish in blue and purple color. White nails will add winter color as Golden and silver sequins.

Actual color for French manicure

French and his opposite – the moon manicure, allow you to create nail masterpieces. In the new season shades for them would be as close as possible to natural. Each nail is refreshed with a decorative element bright colors. The regrown part or, in the case of antimenes, the hole at the base of the plate is painted in the previously listed fashion shades.

A bold solution would be to use colored nail plate in combination with a colored or even white edge. The highlight of the season in the French manicure, is the use of several color shades. For example, striking plate, white edge and a thin line of contrasting color on the bottom half-inch pieces. It is interesting to look options, where it is mixed French and antifrench: nail master plate makes the bright color, then color the regrown region and on the same nail plate paint hole in a third color.

In addition, you can decorate any kind of French ornamentation of fine lines and weaves. So the nail will not look clumsy.

Matte nails are the hit of the season

Nail designers argue that popular in the new season will be a matte finish. This manicure looks great and noble. In this case, it is appropriate to recommend to the plain variations in red, purple, chocolate, blue, and Burgundy shades.

Those fashionistas who want a riot of colors, it is recommended to add to the surface of various shimmering particles. Among them, Swarovski rhinestones, beads, beads, sequins, sparkling powder.

Interesting look combination of textures: the combination of matte surface with high-gloss finish looks original and elegant. This option is suitable where there are different shades: French, antifrench, frame, geometric patterns. Also can be divided solid surface on the parts and some of them highlight with gloss. Lacquer tints can Shine and pattern on the nail. It may be fanciful swirls, grid, drops, and other images.

The art industry is a little restricts the imagination of the masters. Most likely, on the contrary, throws for every season, all new never used tricks and techniques for creating spectacular and stylish manicure.

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