Fashion trends manicure. Spring 2018

Trendsetters in the new season do not tend to clearly define the boundaries of trends. There are several guidelines and tips that only help the masters of nail art to maintain the relevance of their work. Among the new trends of spring nail Polish 2018 many options and capabilities for fashionistas to look fresh and stylish in any situation.

Long manicured nails

Long nails on a woman’s hands is one of the signs of effeminacy ladies and a special care about their beauty. Modern techniques for creating manicures allow you to keep the length of your nails, while carrying out regular homework. This factor has allowed long nails to return to the ranks of the fashion trends of spring nail Polish 2018 as a novelty.

Short nails were at the peak of popularity a long time that allowed ladies to enjoy all the delights and comfort of this length. But to stand out from the crowd help the antipodes of the usual images, so pointed, elongated nail plate becomes relevant to complement the festive and solemn images. For the event, you can use false nails and decorate them in the most vivid way: sequins, rhinestones, bright colors. All this is quite acceptable for one night. With such a manicure lady in any case will attract the attention of others.

Elegant short nails

Oval, square or almond-shaped nail plate can be covered with a solid layer of varnish soothing colors to complement office or casual look. Or it is possible to create a real art object from the art drawings, three-dimensional figures from clay and other decorative elements. There is no situation where a small length of the nails was irrelevant. Create new images by using different combinations of fashionable colors and materials.

A coating of precious metals

Of course, few will cover your nails with real gold or silver, but the imitation of such coverage will become very popular in the spring of 2018. This trend is universal. He will decorate nails of any length and shape, will look good with matte or glossy coating of any color and ennoble manicure with decorative stickers. Modern materials allow to create a fashionable image of yourself. Shiny metallic nails can Shine and both look delicate. The show of Laura Biagiotti clearly demonstrated the unlimited possibilities of chrome nail coverings and set the tone for the future spring fashion in manicure.

Decorative details on the nails

Decorative elements in the design of nails can become the center of attention. The use of stickers, three-dimensional microscopic sculptures, glittering beads and crystals will be most intensively used in the warm season. Especially relevant are large stones simulating jewels. It is possible to use real Swarovski crystals. Also original and outrageous look simulated pieces of gold and silver on the nail plate.

For prudes alternative will be a manicure in muted colors where one of the nails is decorated with a volume flower. On the avant-garde impressions can be seen on the nails of the models, feathers, three-dimensional plot of an application and even chain connecting a few fingers. Of course, such variations are not regarded as a manicure every day, but it can be a source of inspiration for each nail specialist.

Strips: a new, but relevant

Lines on the nail plate, made in various ways, is hardly a novelty of the season. However, their efficiency has attracted the attention of many fans of the actual manicure. The possibility of creating fashion drawings with stripes unlimited. An experienced master can visually change the geometry of the fingernail using only only lines. Novelties of the season will be a combination of lines of different shades on the same nail plate.

Bands on the nails may look simple, emphasizing the contrast of beautiful color nail Polish. Or to perform another function with winding curves and intersections of the original.

Sequins and pearlescent tints in spring 2018

Another spring trend of the new season will be the use of all sorts of glitter. Brilliant pigment associated with the holiday, but when used properly, a manicure can be casual and everyday. Small shimmer is only slightly diverse way. Designers suggest not to limit yourself and use glitter of any color and size as desired.

Somewhere close in a series fashion trends is mother of pearl. This coating looks good combined with small pearls and shiny powder. The primary lacquer color can be any. With the exception of neon acid tones that went out of fashion several seasons ago.

Designs and patterns

One way of decorating your nails is applying them to the drawing. Spring patterns look like water droplets, small patterns in the style of «dot» and an unchanging floral motifs. The craftsman using a thin cysts will repeat on the nail plate the curves of the lines that make up the petals of rose buds and adorable daisies. It is important that the manicure has kept its softness and color balance.

The color palette of the spring season 2018

New York style when the contrasting color stands out one nail in the manicure involves the use of various shades. Also in the trend of alternation of colors on the two halves of the same nail or changing shades through the finger. All these methods require the careful selection of colours.

Designers asked a diverse palette for the new season. When choosing her shades, you can create a fashionable and stylish manicure any of the above methods. In the top sudovye shades, red and black colors. Their independent use and different combinations make itself fashionable manicure.

Light shades and tones sudovye

New spring trend of pastels. The nails are a milky color, the hue of tea rose, pale orange and light grey will be the main trend in manicure the off-season. A special place is white lacquer. It is suitable for any occasion and goes with any wardrobe. Sudovye shades better to choose the color of the skin, applying a jar of lacquer to the back of the hand.

Black and red manicure

Black lacquer somewhat limits its scope of application. Despite its relevance in 2018, so Polish don’t like in the business manicure. However, it is perfect for creating patterns on nails. In this embodiment, this color is accepted in any institution and for any occasions. In the spring the percentage of black color on the nails is to cut or to mix it with fresh spring colors.

Red classic will not lose popularity. The September fashion shows of new collections demonstrated that red nails were in trend. This manicure used both in monochrome and in combination with gold, silver, black and white.

To create a harmonious manicure trendy colors will help a variety of fashion techniques: Ombre, drawings, moon manicures, French and a number of other methods of decorating nails.

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