Fashion tips and advice 2018

Every girl strives to look attractive. Not the last role in it plays the correct clothing. But fashion does not stand still, and designers each year, encouraging stylish, sometimes too outrageous novelties. Combine them with familiar images can be difficult. Therefore, we have prepared for you a few fashion tips that every girl will look stylish and modern.

Fashion tips 2018

1. Voluminous, overly decorated jeans have long been included in the list of antitrend 2018. To dress stylishly, choose simple, sleek skinny jeans, which emphasize slender legs. If you want you can buy jeans with a high waist, which this year will be especially popular.

2. To choose the skirt is not only based on personal preferences. Always focus on your weight parameters, and growth. In addition, before buying think about where you plan to wear and what image you want to create. For example, to add a touch of romance you can, if you choose a bright skirt with a length of two palms below the knees.

3. Pencil skirt – great for an office worker. However, many ladies are experimenting with such a style and combine it with sneakers. However, this can be done only in the case if the skirt is not a strict cut with clean lines. Otherwise it will look tacky.

4. This year especially will be relevant or bright dresses decorated in sequins. It looks very nice, but in any case it is not necessary to Supplement this product with shiny ornaments. Due to this, the image will look ridiculous or even vulgar.

5. Wrap dress – a must-have for every fashionista in 2018. But we suggest you choose a beautiful, elegant products from expensive fabrics. Due to this dress will be relevant not only for evening, but for everyday life.

6. Shoes should not be too high heel. You first need to pay attention to your own comfort. So take a look at shoes on a thick heel, as they’re much more comfortable, even in everyday life. By the way, if you want to visually lengthen your legs, choose shoes to match the pants.

7. Feel free contrasting combinations. It is not necessary that the color of handbag is perfectly matched with the shade of dress or other accessories. It looks stylish, besides this is a great way to demonstrate your own sense of taste. But in any case not combine more than three colors in one image.

8. We should also talk about home clothes. It should not be old, stretched, or faded. Especially if you are working remotely. Pick a few sets that will look good and not restrict movement. For example, light pants or shorts and a t-shirt, a fitted dress the best. Bathrobe is better to leave in order to get it out of the bath, but in any case not to walk in it all day.

Recommendations for girls with curvaceous

Eye-catching volume is not a reason to fall into depression and wear baggy stuff. After all, she is beautiful in any form. It is important to care for yourself and to find the right clothes.


1. Don’t be afraid of layering! Feel free to wear a fitted dress with a light, loose cardigan. No less look stylish combination of pants, blouse and blazer. Such outfits can hide the extra pounds and beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

2. Vertical print – a real salvation for those who strongly wants to hide the fullness. But at the same time, it is recommend not to wear one way too many things with this pattern. It is much better to choose one thing in the strip that will be the main focus of the image.

3. Also, do not buy clothes too large, three-dimensional drawings. Visually it gives the extra volume. Much better would be to look neutral shades with small patterns.

4. Skirts or dresses is better to choose knee-length or slightly below. Due to this, it is possible to hide the problem areas and give the image a special lightness.

5. With a choice of pants is a bit more complicated, as you need to focus on the type of shape. But note that too tight clothes will emphasize flaws. So you should try on several different options, including straight or flared.

6. Voluminous, shapeless things – taboo for women with curvaceous. Putting on such clothing, the figure will look distorted and visually more voluminous. So do not wear such clothes even at home.

Rules basic wardrobe

The existence of basic wardrobe must have heard every girl. Nevertheless, recall that this is a small number of things in neutral shades that perfectly match each other. Such clothing should be a major part of your wardrobe. Other things – a kind of experimentation, design decisions or outrageous products.

Of course, a basic wardrobe will be for everybody, as it depends on the region of residence, and occupation. For example, a young mother will not need pencil skirt and high-heeled shoes. In this case, the clothing should be as comfortable as possible, but at the same time stylish. The student will approach a more daring wardrobe, which must contain the dresses. Therefore we recommend to make a list of needed items before you go shopping.

Special attention should be paid to the selection of clothing. It should be as versatile as it needs to be combined with virtually all images. We recommend you to pay attention to the coat. Choose a quality product the right cut. The length can be knee length or just below. Shade it is better to try beige or gray. Each of them will go well with the rest of the stuff.

If you want you can buy a trench coat in a classic style. But if you prefer a casual or sporty style, you choose appropriate outerwear.

To look stylish, fashionable and modern can absolutely every girl. It does not need to have too big a budget. Learn the features of your figure, try on different images, and then to choose the suitable clothes will be much easier.

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