Fashion swimwear: trends 2018

Vacation is one of the most anticipated events of the year when you can forget about the daily routine and devote hot summer days themselves. Summer holidays are inconceivable without a beach holiday. Every girl is preparing for the summer season well in advance, paying attention to the figure and a beach image.

Pride of place in the summer wardrobe of every girls is a leotard, so his choice should be approached with the utmost seriousness.


Today we present the latest models of the summer beach season in 2018, which will make your image more bright, noticeable and stylish.

Swimwear halter: the Current trend in 2018

Swimsuit type «halter» is often confused with traditional blinds. Both options are similar: they have shoulder straps that fasten or tie behind the neck.

Halter is a closed type of bodice. The actual shape of the bodice 2018 – triangular or trapezoidal, completely covering the breast and reaching to the throat.

In the fashion models, such as «halter» 2018 front part is maximally closed, the only exceptions are shoulders and back.

To sunbathe in a swimsuit-halter is unlikely to succeed, but to use the model as a manifest for walks on the beach or relaxing in the shade is the best solution.

Back in time: Vintage collection

Maximum open forms is no longer in Vogue – this is according to the designers stylish vintage collections.

Vintage style swimwear is aimed at the awakening of men’s imagination and not show everything as it is.

The height of the bottoms of vintage models up to the waist and the bra rests on a wide elastic straps, emphasizing trends of the 60’s, when there was reserved, sometimes shy, shy.

The main advantage of vintage swimwear in its ability to hide imperfections of the figure. But if you have a great body, you can choose vintage models with low waist.


Attention to detail – deep necklines, open space on the side, stylish straps, multi – colored stones to accentuate the vintage style of the swimsuit.

Close to the maximum

Closed swimsuits, as a continuation of the vintage models are becoming increasingly popular among fashionistas.

Considered by many one piece swimsuits – the lot is full of women who want to smooth out the problem areas of his body, hiding them behind closed swimwear dark color.

The summer season of 2018 will finally dispel this erroneous statement, showing that one piece swimsuits look great on women of most sizes.

Fashion designers admit that the cult of frankness too long to dominate the collections of swimwear.

The latest collection of one piece swimsuits presented in the form of monochrome models decorated with sequins, lace and fringe.

Floral gamma closed as bright swimwear with tropical prints (flowers, birds) with geometric shapes, ethnic patterns, abstract bright color.

At the peak of popularity style Maillot swimsuit with V-neck.

Thanks to the original style, swimsuit Maillot perfectly balances the figure with bulky thighs.

Blue Life, Jeremy Scott presented one piece swimsuits with the skirts and ruffles of matte and velvety fabrics.

The trend of recent seasons – asymmetry is reflected in the beach and swimwear.

Issa de mar, Mara Hoffman have included in your collection of one piece swimsuits on one shoulder with the most unexpected prints with peacock feathers and bright colors.

Sports style on the beach

Initially sports swimwear was used as costumes for surfing, sailing and beach sports.

In the summer of 2018 sports Monokini will go beyond the preferences of a narrow circle of fans of sports. Well-known designers (Stella McCartney,H&M, Duskii) drew attention to the ergonomic style of swimsuits and diversify it in a variety of prints and unusual items.

The main decoration of swimsuits 2018 – zipper various sizes and configurations. They can play a decorative role, and to be quite functional piece swimsuit.

Colors of swimsuits are rather impressive – lime, red, orange, with prints in the form animal and geometric figures.

Stylish swimsuit with side cutout

Side cut-out, slits, sheer materials from the little that resolved some of the fashion house. The focus on chastity and modesty in fashion collections of swimwear 2018 manifested in the creation of swimwear with slightly opened abdomen, waist or thighs.

Cutouts can be made in the form of an oval or geometric shapes.

Swimsuit with cutouts – perfect for a beach party or a night out with friends by the pool.

Fashion trend 2018: Swimwear with lace-up

The absolute antithesis of one swimwear – this swimwear with laces.

Designers suggest to use the lacing in the form of decorative bands. No lacing, none of the detail of the swimsuit. They are added to the bodice or to reveal a bikini.

Sexy and bright looks-on-as a connecting element halves of the bodice cups bustea or «blinds».

Panties with lace up are mega-popular in the summer of 2018. Lacing allows to access separate areas of the body without making the image vulgar and provocative.

Bands can have different widths. For open Bini suit thin strips, perpendicular or skewed crossover.

Wide stripes was the idea to create a «hybrid» swimsuits, parts of which are connected to a large wide strips. Due to this style of swimsuit looks like separate, but in fact it is considered continuous.

Sunbathe in the most Sexy bikini

Bikini again conquered the fashion shows in Paris, Milan and Miami. The designers just couldn’t forget about the girls who can’t imagine summer vacation without the sun, and velvety tan.

Renowned designers Missoni, Tori Praver, Montoya and others provided open swimwear with traditional blinds-triangles.

Classic style two pieces swimsuits complemented with decoration in the form of tassels, colored POM-poms, fringe, flounces and ruffles. Such finishes are among the top in the upcoming summer season and can be used in other styles of swimwear.

A «carnival» attitude of the designers was reflected in the colours of swimwear. Floral prints that dominate in fashionable clothes, ethnic prints and tropical motifs – hits of the beach season 2018.

Fashionable beach look is unthinkable without the capes of chiffon or another translucent fabric. Try to choose a Cape to match the swimsuit or the corresponding print.

A real fashion discovery of the original steel towels from designers The Beach People as sliced oranges or watermelon. Bright and unusual idea beach capes in the form of fruit captured the hearts of many fashionistas.

It would seem that the swimwear as the most minimalist piece in a woman’s wardrobe, impossible to diversify, come up with something new. The latest collections of fashion houses and brands beach swimwear has shown that even the classic models has the potential to improve in favor of the rapidly changing preferences of fashionistas.

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