Fashion manicure and nail design 2018

Today no girl is his image without neat and beautiful manicure. Manicured nails say a lot about the character and preferences of the young lady. So it is important to create on his hands fashionable and stylish manicure, which will meet the latest trends of nail design. In our review we present the most relevant news in the world of manicure, dividing them for convenience.

Fashion nails: Winter 2018

In cold season the most popular colors for nail Polish are calm pastel shades of pink, pale blue, etc. With them you can perform a manicure in such techniques as the jacket, lunar or Ombre. In addition to monochrome design, use few shades, blending them at their own discretion.

2018 winter manicure is not complete without a variety of themed drawings on the theme of New year, Christmas Snowflakes, Santas, Christmas trees are still relevant and in demand by fashionistas. This design will create a festive mood and fit perfectly into your new year look.

Winter manicure is not only a solid design and a minimum of decoration. Nobody forbids you to use rhinestones, multicolored beads, the nail sticker in your nail design.

Winter sudovy manicure

Nail designs in nadovich shades extremely popular among the girls. Soothing soft color is appropriate in any situation – at work, for walks with friends, daily routine, etc.

Best sudovye shades look in the technique French. This may be a classic version of a French manicure with a white «smile» or design with gold sequins and designs along the edge of the nails.

New year’s manicure 2018

A festive manicure is always colorful and unique. Every girl strives to create unique design of nails, which would draw attention to themselves and look stylish.

Classic Christmas manicure – designs and decorations with sequins and rhinestones. Modern nail technologies allow to create different designs on nails.

Manicure spring-summer 2018: Stylish ideas

The first warm days are pushing girls to replace nastukova winter clothes and images. Not remain without attention and marigolds, which are «dressed» in a bright and bold shades with an abundance of design and drawings.


In the season spring-summer 2018 for fashionistas there are several options for nail design.

For everyday manicure, choose more restrained shades, the publication will focus on the extravagant options.

Trend spring / summer 2018 – unusual textures and sophisticated technology. Relevant short and medium length nails. Stop your choice on the oval shape of the nail, which is closer to the natural.

Extravagant square and long sharp nails is absolutely unacceptable in 2018. This form is still considered bad taste and a peak of vulgarity.

Summer manicure 2018 saturated with geometric patterns and abstract forms. Also can not do without juicy appetizing fruit on your nails which are most relevant in the warm season.

Look how bright and expressive looks summer nail designs 2018.

Autumn manicure 2018: Fashion techniques and design

Despite the fact that the autumn season is associated with many boring dull shades, the autumn of 2018 will bring in nail-design a huge number of bright colors.

The trend will be colors such as Bordeaux, bright red, plum, gold, beige, milk shades.

A seasonal favorite is the moon manicure in nadovich colours. Take a look also to this new technique as two halves, the essence of which consists in painting a part of the nail in one color and the other in a contrasting shade.

Actual colors manicure 2018

Recognized by many fashionistas colors remain red, black and pastel shades. The coming year did not changed the situation, and the trio often would meet in manicures ladies.

Pastel manicure

Sudovye shades include a large number of colors, so each girl can choose their color depending on mood, outfit or the weather.

Milk, orange, gray, pink shades are suitable for any outfit and occasion. Choosing sudovye shades, pay special attention to the color of your skin. Try to find the similar and matching nail Polish.

Black nail designs 2018

Dark shades look provocative and extravagant, but in spite of this, many girls decided on black nail Polish. This design is not particularly welcomed by the chefs, so it’s best not to make it to work.

Black manicure can be done in monotechnic with rhinestones and sequins. This design will fit perfectly in the evening look for any occasion. If you’re a big fan of dark shades and all his time spend in the office, you may be limited to geometric patterns or patterns with this color.

Red nail designs 2018

A rich palette of red colors allows you to create a variety of nail arts on the nails. Simple red color looks a bit ordinary and even vulgar, so pay attention to Burgundy, wine or cherry tones.

In spring and summer, choose a more saturated and bright colors for nail Polish garnet or scarlet.

Relevant techniques and ideas manicure 2018

Offer you to get acquainted with the most popular ideas nail design in 2018, which you can take as a basis for your own manicure.


Horizontal and vertical stripes relevant for the past few seasons. In 2018 they will rise to a new level of popularity and become the most popular patterns in nail design.

Alternating stripes of multiple colors allows you to create unique and elegant manicure for every day or for special occasions.

In this technique it is important the combination of colors. For everyday manicure choose 2-3 pastel shade and create a manicure with stripes of different widths.

For a festive manicure, use some contrasting colors, for example red and green, blue and yellow.


Bright sparkling sequins are able to diversify not only evening and festive nail design, they are appropriate and for everyday manicure. The main thing is not to overdo it and apply on nails a small amount of shimmer to make the design more elegance.

At the peak of popularity, gold and silver nails. Fingers cover the solid lacquer and spray on an even wet basis a scattering of glittering pollen.

Patterns on nails 2018

Masters of nail design offer fashionistas two completely opposite trend. Along with chunky jewelry, sequined and stucco, popularity and modest drawings.

Miniature water droplets, buds, flowers, dots and thin stripes accentuate the fragility and tenderness of your fingers. This nail design is particularly relevant in the autumn-winter period, when you want to give your image a little bit of freshness and lightness.

The nail design as a creative field that can recommend something specific is very difficult. Every girl in pursuit of stylish and bright that creates a unique manicure on their nails, expressing their mood.

Taking note of the trends presented in the paper, your nails will always look stylish and attractive.

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