Fashion makeup in 2018. Trends and workshops

Makeup the new season will finally shift the focus from sudovogo natural makeup for brighter varieties. In the trend again color. Invisible makeup with perfect skin and natural undertones have not yet surrendered their positions, but everywhere began to appear variegated spots of new images.

Trends of season 2018

Fresh fashion show demonstrated the desire of designers to paint the world in bright colors. Let some of those models look unnatural and pretentious to call them boring can not be sure.

Metal pigment eyeshadow

The main trend is texture. The most fashionable tint is impossible, but it’s safe to say that he will cast a metallic sheen. Runway make-up of the new season shimmering gold, red, blue and gray colors. Sometimes, makeup artists used several of these self-sufficient shades in one makeup. For evening and daytime makeup is fine silver plated with a light smoke colored shades. It is important to keep the eyelids metallic luster.

Black arrows eyeliner

Eyeliner or, as it is called in American parlance, the liner will become one of the trends in 2018. Makeup artists prefer to use this tool to create a retro style. In shows you can see the black line along the eyelid fold, outlined with black eyes, a small elegant clear or broad arrows in grunge style. Saint Laurent went on and all adorned their models with only dabs of black mascara on the eyelids, made by your fingers.

The original touches on the eyes

The rainbow flares

New trends allow you to apply a different combination of pastel and neon hues in any sequence. Rainbow forever in the season of 2018, nobody will be able to surprise. The only limitation will be that bright forever in this make-up must remain the sole focus.

Naive eyes and doll eyelashes

Recently, the make-up guru forgot about the existence of the carcass. Models ‘ eyes looked «naked» without a dark fuzzy eyelashes. But the new season has brought its own rules and on the podiums came new images of the center which became a huge doll lashes. Jeremy Scott chose for their models the voluminous false lashes, stick them on your lower eyelid. MSGM I decided to paint over the lashes of the models to achieve the effect of spider legs. At the Chanel show, the audience appeared a mix of natural and artificial lashes, liberally painted mascara.

Also in the top appeared makeup in pink tones. In contrast to this dramatic Gothic eyes and dark lips will look original, but also fall into the category of fashion trends.

Lips in the new season should be bright and shiny. Many makeup artists decided that matte lipsticks were already given sufficient attention and replaced it with the gloss. Shades of berry, covered with reflective tape, and a clean face will be the most popular image of the new season.

application of fashion make-up

Using one several fashion makeup techniques, you can achieve a stunning effect. The face will be expressive and more attractive. Current trends emphasize the most interesting features.


«Cat eyes» with broad arrow

The main feature of makeup «cat’s eye» is an elongated almond shape eyes. Enhance the effect of the nature of the cut by means of dark arrows. If the eyes have a more rounded form, finely painted arrows correct the situation. To create the image you need:

  • make-up base;
  • the concealer and the primer;
  • Foundation base;
  • blush bronzer;
  • cosmetics for eyebrows;
  • shadows: shades of champagne, brown, black;
  • mascara and eyeliner;
  • lipstick: the color of wine;
  • makeup brushes;
  • faux lashes.

The color of shadows and lipsticks choose based on personal preferences.

  • On a clean face applied makeup base, concealer and Foundation. Then blush and brostrom emphasize the facial contours and topography.
  • Using cosmetics for eyebrows and tools, create a form and give the eyebrows the desired shade.
  • On the eyelid apply the primer.
  • Allover distribute the shade champagne.
  • First with a pencil from the middle of the upper eyelid outline thin arrow. Then with the liner draw it more carefully.
  • Arrows growing up. For this approach black shadows.
  • The liner down the lower lid and highlight area of the eye.
  • On the lower eyelid also, cause black and brown shadows and shade.
  • To make the image more glamorous will help the false eyelashes, which are glued with a special glue. The border tracings false eyelashes with eyeliner. Your eyelashes better to paint over with ink.
  • Finish makeup is coloring of the lips. For this purpose a pencil in tone lipstick or darker tone draws a natural boundary. After this fill the lips color with a brush.
  • Smokey eyes in shades of blue

    Smokey eyes continues their triumphant March on podiums and beauty. No girl who would not be competently executed makeup, executed in this technique. The shimmering blue hues make the look delicate and expressive, and combined with such equipment, it is still mysterious. For applying makeup you need:

    • base flesh color and white, concealer, primer, concealer;
    • blush;
    • shade: brown, black;
    • shimmering pigment: blue, white, green;
    • green pencil;
    • black eyeliner and mascara;
    • nodoby lip pencil and lipstick in tone;
    • tools for applying makeup.
  • On clean face apply Foundation, concealer camouflage flaws and applied concealer. Blush will help to make the face more relief, they are applied under the cheekbones, along the hairline, under the nose tip. With a set of eyebrows to create the shape.
  • White primer is put on the upper eyelid. In a fold of rolling century applied the brown shade.
  • On the inside corner of the lash line applied with a green pencil. Its shade is a green pigment.
  • For the remainder of the century put a sapphire blue pigment.
  • In the inner corner of the eye and along the lash line need to shade black shadows. On the lower eyelid applied brown and blue shade.
  • Emphasize the inner corner with black eyeliner and white eye shadow. Under the eyebrows applied white pigment. Eyelashes painted with mascara.
  • Lips need a pencil to circle and fill Nodaway lipstick in the same tone or one shade lighter.
  • How to create casual makeup?

    One of the most difficult types of makeup experts believe the day is barely noticeable make-up. It aims to give the lady a natural appearance without bright color accents.

    The first step will be masking the traces of lack of sleep – circles under the eyes. It’s enough to use regular concealer. Before applying the skin need to moisturize day cream, then the masking means will fall evenly. It is important to choose a concealer in skin tone, not to create the effect of the sun in large sunglasses.

    The next step will be the application of base makeup. This will provide a more simple distribution of cosmetics, as well as its adhesion to the skin. The means will approach a sponge or a special spatula.

    After that, we again need a concealer to mask skin imperfections, such as pimples, scars, dark spots. Disguise need apply dot, then gently smudge tool in the desired area. On top of the concealer, also topically you can apply a little powder.

    The next step is to use blush. For daytime makeup is inappropriate fashionable in recent sculpture. It is sufficient to choose a natural shade of blush and distribute it under the cheekbones light shade.

    Eye makeup needs to give the look of depth and natural radiance. It is enough to choose a natural shade of eye shadow slightly darker skin and distribute them on the upper eyelid with a brush. Under the eyebrow you can put a shade lighter. Using mascara you need to work on the top row of eyelashes. At the lower eyelid hairs is enough to sweep a clean brush.

    Focus on the face in the new season still remain eyebrow. Quite thick eyebrows need to carefully lay. Those who have hairs are not as often and sometimes even has a receding hairline, it is recommended to use toning tools to match the natural eyebrow color. This can be a special Touche, gel or shadow. It is important to observe moderation and do not make eyebrows too bright as this will make the facial expression of angry and sullen.

    Complete day make-up can makeup lips. First they need to moisturize. Then on top you can apply a sheer gloss or lipstick in a natural shade.

    If desired, the last two tools can be combined. The daily makeover allows you to do without a lip liner. But in order to lipstick better kept, and her lips seemed more clear, they should circle the pencil in tone lipstick. Then the face can be covered with powder for fixing makeup.To make up was high quality, regardless of style, you need to take care of the clean skin, groomed brows and good makeup. Picking trends, you should focus on one and achieve the ideal playback, then you can pay attention to the rest of the fashion trends.

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