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In today’s world it is difficult to find a girl who wouldn’t love fine jewelry. This is not surprising because good jewelry and jewelry can decorate and emphasize even the simplest way. So many girls have a box with different options of decorations. However, trends change regularly and today we offer to talk about what decoration on the neck should purchase in anticipation of 2018.

Decoration on the neck: fashion trends 2018

Despite the large variety of products to make the right choice can be difficult. So stylists have identified some rules which should adhere to, acquiring a particular accessory.

First and foremost, pay attention to the quality of the product. Even the most simple costume jewelry must have exactly glued and shiny rhinestones. Otherwise, the decoration will look cheap and will only spoil your image. The same applies to other parts of the product.

Pay attention to jewelry with an unusual texture, as well as with precious and semi-precious stones. For example, Jasper, malachite and amethyst will gain widespread popularity in 2018. Therefore, we recommend you to get them straight.

As for colors, you can unleash the imagination. Complement the image of jewelry in the tone or wear something unusual as a fashion accent in a monochrome Luka. It looks expensive, feminine and stylish.

The trend will be not only a big jewelry, and minimalist. Chokers of velvet, gradually go by the wayside. However, if you can find the original product with interesting decor, be sure to wear it with different bows.

Previously it was believed that jewelry should only be worn as a set, and not to wear silver with gold. It is a long time in the past and now all the stylists of the world, call girls are not afraid to experiment. Feel free to combine these materials, customize and boldly show their vision of the image.

Stylish decoration on the neck 2018

A variety of stylish jewelry that will be relevant in 2018 is rather large. Nevertheless, the selection process can be done easy and enjoyable. To begin rate financial ability and compatibility with your wardrobe. Because of this, you can easily find beautiful jewelry that will please you more than one season.

Semi-precious stones and crystals

In the last year such jewelry was considered bad taste and a sign of a bad taste. But surely you know that fashion always comes back, so we recommend to try this option for special events.

Especially nice massive jewelry to match the dress or another outfit. In this way attains a harmony that always attracts the attention of others.


Swarovski crystals have always been popular with the girls. Even if you already have a set of these products, a new will please you no less. After the collection is regularly updated with stylish new products.


The attitude towards pearls have always been different, because someone considers it outdated, others are timeless classics. But whatever it was, in a fashion again will be a long forgotten string of pearls. Now, however, they can be supplemented with chains, pendants and other metal inserts.

If you want you can choose more concise articles of medium length. They are more suitable for everyday life and even work in the office.

Minimalist pendants

For those who don’t like too big massive jewelry or gemstones, we recommend you to look attentively at the minimalist pendants. They were presented not one fashion house, so I can purchase a few options.

Of course, the classic length looks good in everyday life and underlines the elegance of the neck. Elongated products are no less popular. Especially those supplemented by a small suspension. For example, in the form of a planet, strips or drops. By the way, they often combine with each other, that looks even more beautiful.

Three-dimensional decorations

Some of the fashion house introduced the custom jewelry that not every girl will dare to wear. For example, necklaces-collars, necklaces in the form of a choker and even fur products. In addition, a single necklace can accommodate a variety of items: stones, crystals, pearls or even metal inserts. It is due to this these products look very stylish, extravagant.

Best of all this accessory to combine with monoloco, that is, with the image in one color. Due to this will be emphasized in the decoration. However, these ladies can try more daring combinations. Believe me, your outfit will not remain without attention.

Bundles of chains and pendants

At fashion shows it’s hard to ignore the variety of complex, but at the same time, interesting jewelry, chains and pendants. Interestingly, each of these options looks completely different and ask the character to the whole look.

For example, an elegant, thin chain look quite cute and feminine. Therefore, this accessory is perfect for a romantic image. More massive chain with a large additional decor look stylish. But nevertheless, you can wear them in everyday life are not worth it. This decoration will highlight the way to events or theme nights.

Fancy decoration

Not to mention pretty interesting accessories that differs from its shape and unusual appearance. Some have ethnic motives, due to which look interesting and unusual. Also attract the attention of elongated products with various amulets and talismans. Many are supplemented with pendants in the form of birds, which makes them more soft, feminine.

Such a wide range of current decorations on the neck of 2018 will allow you to choose the appropriate option for each outfit. Try on what you like and be sure to consider fashion trends.

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