FAS suspects LG, Alcatel, Sony and Asus in trying to coordinate the pricing of the smartphones

According to the website «Interfax», the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia (FAS) has sent to the representative of several manufacturers of smartphone queries in relation to complaints, indirectly indicating the presence of price collusion.

The list includes LG, Alcatel, Sony and Asus. In the latter case, in the absence of representative office in Russia, a letter was sent to Taiwan. Please specify in the list there are only four of the smartphone: one from each company. This LG G5 SE Alcatel Idol 4S, Sony Xperia and Asus ZenFone XZ 3.

Criminal case opened was not. It is reported that the decision on its initiation will be taken after receiving official responses.

Note that it is not about collusion between the companies themselves, and about the attempt of each company individually to influence the pricing of a particular model of smartphone in Russia. For the same action in August, the FAS filed a case against Apple. Also Antimonopoly service has received complaints regarding Samsung products, but so far only investigates them.

, Asus
, Alcatel


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