Faraday Future will not be able to release its electric car in 2017, the construction of the factory frozen

About a month ago it was reported that Faraday Future owe to the company, which is building a factory for the production of its electric cars in Las Vegas, 21 million dollars. $ 25 million Future Faraday had to pay in October and another $ 12 million in November 2016. In addition, Faraday Future have to pay the state of Nevada, which is its production, $ 75 million.

The Financial Times in a recent article confirms that Faraday Future really experiencing serious financial difficulties, because of which her first car may not be out next year as planned. It is difficult to release the cars, when the production plant is not ready. Faraday Future really still not paid off debts, resulting in the construction of the plant was frozen.

The representative of the company Aecom, which should carry out the work, said that the freeze is a temporary measure, the resumption of construction is expected in early 2017 simultaneously with the receipt of the promised Future payments from Faraday.

An anonymous employee of Aecom confirmed that Faraday Future are not physically able to ship the first cars by the end of next year.

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