Fans are Corsair SP120 and HD RGB 120 RGB case Crystal Series 460X RGB and mouse pads MM800 Polaris RGB equipped with RGB backlight

At PAX West 2016 the company Corsair announced the release of a new feature product, feature insist full-color backlight (RGB). Among the new fans, case and mouse pad.

Fans are SP120 RGB is equipped with a superfine matte blades and four mounted in the axis of the RGB LEDs. Model HD120 RGB has a more powerful backlight on 12 separate LEDs located on the frame of the fan. A controller with three functions allows to choose a pattern, color and speed of the transition between light effects. The rotation speed of the SP120 RGB — 1400 Rev/min rotation Speed HD120 RGB from 800 to 1725 rpm.

Case Crystal Series 460X RGB has a panel of tempered glass. The enclosure has three fans SP120 RGB. Adjusting the backlight is performed using the controls on the front panel.

Mouse pads MM800 RGB Polaris has a 15-zone illumination and are equipped with a through the USB connector. The working surface of the Mat has a micro-texture with a low coefficient of friction. The dimensions of the Mat — 285 x 272 x 5 mm.

For backlight control is software Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) 2. It allows the user to Express individuality by customizing the illumination of the individual components, and coordinate the illumination of different areas for a more harmonious perception.

Sale fans SP120 RGB ($20, with controller — $40) and RGB HD 120 ($30, with controller — $50) , as well as mats MM800 RGB Polaris ($70) has begun. Case Crystal Series RGB 460X ($140) will be available in late September.

Source: Corsair



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