Famous photographs and the specifications of the motherboard ASRock Extreme4 Z270

Before the announcement of Intel Kaby Lake is less time, and this naturally affects the number of leaks, how about the processors and motherboards. We have already seen image Board top-level member of the range ASRock Fatality, it is now possible to see the representative of a more affordable price segment — an ASRock Extreme.

Z270 motherboard ASRock Extreme4 is based on Intel Z270, and digital system power supply CPU consists of 12 phases, solid capacitors with a design life of 12 thousand hours. Four slots, support DDR4 memory modules with frequency up to 3866 MHz, three PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots actually operate at x16, x8 and x4 (or x8 if occupied the first two slots), there are also three PCI-Express 3.0 x1. Storage consists of two ports M. 2 32 GB/s and eight SATA 6 GB/s ports, one M. 2 port is used to connect wireless module.

A Gigabit Ethernet port connected to the Intel i219V, analog audio outputs 7.1 — controller Realtek. Mounting plate removed video outputs HDMI, DVI-D and D-Sub dual port USB 3.1 and four USB 3.0. Note the audio with specialized capacitors, reinforced steel frame, the PCI-Express connectors and the light on the chipset heatsink.



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