Famous five finalists for the Google Lunar Xprize, which will send their spacecraft to the moon in the year

About the competition Google Lunar Xprize, we have several times mentioned when you wrote about the lunar Rover, developed with the support of Audi. The project involves sending to the natural satellite of our planet several devices. A prize of $ 30 million will go to the team whose Rover will be able to drive on the lunar surface for at least 500 meters and send home photos and videos.

And finally, the search giant announced the first finalists. More precisely, in a press release said that five teams of the 16 confirmed the signing of contracts for the launches of their devices. As for the rest, they can still join the race.

Team SpaceIL from Israel to launch its moon Rover by the rocket SpaceX Falcon 9. Launch date is still unknown. By the way, their spacecraft could be called «lundrigan», because to move on the moon’s surface he is jumping.

Moon Express from the U.S. signed a contract for the launch of their lunar Rover with Rocket Lab at the end of this year.

The international team Synergy Moon uses to run their offspring rocket Neptune 8, but when it happens, is still unknown.

Indian the guys from TeamIndus enlisted the support of Indian companies Indian Space Research Organization»s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, and the Long team from Japan has an agreement with TeamIndus.

For all runs, the rules must be made before the end of this year.



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