Family robot Jibo will be available only in 2017

Funds for the release of Jibo the family robot, equipped with artificial intelligence system, was assembled in 2014, and it was initially due to go on sale in 2015.

The release of the robot has been postponed several times, most recently in October of this year. The Executive Director of the startup Jibo Steve chambers (Steve Chambers) has published an open letter in which he told about various problems that occurred during the second beta.

The bug fixes will take several more weeks/months, so now delivery Jibo is expected only in 2017, more accurate time window yet.

In the list of the above mentioned problems of the delay in the reaction of the robot and a bad recognition of commands in certain conditions. Also, the developers recognize that users may not understand exactly how Jibo can help them in everyday life. In most cases, communication is limited to a few questions such as «What will the weather be like today/tomorrow?» and «what time is it?».


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