Family Microchip PIC18F K42 entered eight-bit microcontrollers with independent peripherals

Company Microchip Technology announced the release of a family of microcontrollers with independent peripherals PIC18F K42. The advantages of eight-bit microcontrollers PIC18F K42 manufacturer considers the presence of 8 KB of RAM and 128 of flash memory, 12-bit ADC, DMA support and vectorized interrupts.

The new microcontrollers are supported by the platform Curiosity, including fees for developers, and a proprietary development environment MPLAB X IDE includes a tool such as MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC).

Applications of new microcontrollers classified as household, industrial and automobile electronics, devices, Internet of things, medical devices.

The first ten models of the PIC18F family of K42 is already produced in the various buildings. Wholesale price — from $0,78 apiece.

Source: Microchip



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